Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

Hey family,
Crazy week once again. I love being with my new comp. His name is spelt Gambardella. I made a boo boo in the first letter. Anyways, I am excited to work with him. Its kinda funny because we talk about the MTC all of the time. Its also very weird, because we know that we will be finishing the mission at the same time. I warn you though, that with this companion, we will be doing A LOT of silly things in our free time. And I can play jokes on him, because he already has with me. So that's good :D
Anyways, coming into this area, he told me that we are teaching a family of four. They accepted to get baptized, but not a date yet. Its kind of exciting though, because they talked with missionaries a long time ago, but when they accepted the date, the missionaries disappeared. So it was a blessing in disguise. Besides that, the area is super tiny, and he said that he has already knocked it 3 times, so we are trying to come up with finding activities that will help us get more new investigators. Its so funny because my companion knows everyone, because he talks to everyone, and he isn't afraid of what people think of him. I am already learning that from him. He is a hard worker so we will get things done.
My New Years wasn't as exciting as you think jaja! We only had permission to be out until 9:30. So we went to the house of a return missionary who we eat with all the time. I will take a picture of him later. They gave us something calle pazole, a really famous type of soup they eat here. Don't worry, I have already got the recipe. But after that we went back to the house. We went to bed at 10 actually because we were just super exhausted (oh BTW, I have had a really bad cold this whole week with sinus problems). We got a phone call at 12 from our zone leader, and got mad because he woke us up jaja! When we woke up in the morning though, people were still blasting their music and shooting off fireworks.
Anyways, I would send pictures, but the Internet we are at today hates me, so you will have to wait again til next week. SORRY!
Elder Scott Donner

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