Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rainy Days Ahead


So this week was quite interesting and let me tell you why. Rain season is finally here, but in Mexico, it is a worlds difference than it is in Arizona. Rainy season here means it rains everyday here for about 3 to 4 hours more than it would in Arizona and it can ruin your day because nobody wants to let you in our come out to see who you are because of the rain. I don't thing I've ever seen so much rain in my life. I think I would enjoy it if I wasn't a missionary and rain meant that contacting people would be hard. But other than the rain, it's been a pretty decent week.

We have been working with a certain family for about a month now. The mom, Argelia (remember to pronounce it like you would in Spanish mmkay?), used to go to the LDS church as a kid. Now she really wants to get baptized but doesn't want to do it until the rest of the family is on the sam boat. We just me her husband and taught him. He is one of those people that will make a joke out of anything you say. It's fun trying to teach him. They can't get baptized until they are married. Neither can 2 of their kids, because they aren't married either. Fun stuff right? The only one who right now could technically get baptized is her 8 year-old son. It cost $870 pesos to get married. That's like $80 bucks. Already a pain jaja! But I'm not complaining, because it if were easy, where would be the fun in that right? We're going to continue to work with them though.

We really don't have anyone else that we are working with seriously. Seems like the poeple here are really stubborn. We find people, but they just don't understand the intensity of the message we share.

Anyways, things are going better with the comp. This week he started to let me know more things wrong. Although he still thinks that the best time to start a conversation with me is when I'm reading or indulged in something else. Even when I try to ignore him, he talks even more jaja! I laugh now, but in the moment I'm just kinda like, "you do realize I'm doing something right now, which is not talking?"

Anyways, I got videos this week.

Hopefully you enjoy them.


Elder Scott Donner

Monday, June 20, 2011

Que Sera, Sera.

Hi family,

I´m not sure what happened to my email from last week. It actually doesn´t even exist in the sent mail folder. Sorry. Otherwise I would resend it.

This past week was an ok week. We baptized 3 people but it was a super struggle to do so and I wanted to murder myself. So one of the investigators (the mom) had to go through a second interview because she was being stubborn and didn´t want to quit coffee. Excuse after excuse. But her daughters definatley wanted to get baptized. So we were fighting with her forever. We finally got her to agree. So we had the baptism. Yay. But our goal is 8 and things are not looking so hot for this weekend.

Anyways, we're now halfway through this transfer. Everyone kinda gets the feeling that I will be moved, and I kinda hope so. Sharing a ward with another set of elders is ridiculously hard. Especially when the others keep coming into your area to teach people they have contacted instead of passing along the referral. You can say that Im pretty much at my last straw.

It was really hard to find people to teach this week. We just couldn´t get anyone to let us in their house. Try as we might, everyone would always say no. I don't think I've ever struggled so much doing anything in my entire life. My companion started to give up hope and I had to slap him. He is starting to get easily discouraged now. Its a difficult time right now, even after the baptism. I think its because our zone leaders put a lot of pressure on us. They should though, but it's not helping.

Anyways, I´m going to be sending pictures this week becuase I took some jaja!

First picture is of a little girl with a butcher knife. She is the daughter of one of our investigators.

Second one is of the Baptism.

BTW my pants don´t fit me anymore and they fall all the time jaja!

Anyways, not much more to talk about.

Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue; frustration is not.

Hello Family,
It really seems like my Pdays get shorter and shorter.... I blame my companion.... because I can jaja!!! It was actually because we were playing sports all morning and basically are just now getting to doing things like emailing. This week was a really interesting one for us. We had a really hard time with lessons and things like that, and I´m pretty sure I thought to myself like 8 times (who knows why I chose 8) that I was going to kill my companion. Just little things he does I was letting get to me. Like sometimes when we´re walking, he seems to think we need to walk as if our shoulders are glued together. I don´t know why that would bug me, but it did. There was alot of stress this week. The baptism we were going to have ended up falling through because we could find him for the interview. Turns out that he was at the church while we were out and about looking for him. What a joke. So his baptism got postponed to this Wednesday. Its all good though, he´s still down for it.
When we were meeting with another one of our investigators that we have on date, we found out he´s not married to his wife, and his wife doesn´t want to get baptized or listen to us anymore. He talked to his wife about getting married but we forgot to ask him about it. He is supposed to get baptized this weekend, but now who knows.... We are still working with him hard though. Its funny though because he called and told his work that he can´t work Sundays because he has to go to his church, and they told him to come in after church, so now he´s looking for a new job so he can quit. This is Guillermo we´re talking about with his family that is Luz del Mundo.
We put another family on date for baptism though, minus the dad. It's funny because when we tried putting her on doubt, the mom, Esther, told us that there was a huge problem and couldn´t. When we asked her what it was, she told us that she is afraid of water. She kept trying to tell us that she was afraid of the water. Another part of the story is that her daughters family had come for 2 appointments when we taught them and wanted us to come to their house, but its not in our area. So we passed them on the the other elders, who put them on date. So we told Esther that her daughters family would be getting baptized, and she told us she would do it if we could do it with them. So this weekend we will probably baptize them.
I´m really sorry, but I don´t have any videos or pictures this week. It was a stressful week, so I didn´t exactly remember any of that until today.
Mom, I received your package. Good news, the shirts fit better. BUT, they are still just a little big jaja! I am losing weight like crazy and it scares me. Its kinda gross too because I can see flab on my arms where fat used to fill it in. I think I´m going to start "6 months of sexy" when I hit a year.
Love ya!
Elder Scott Donner