Friday, July 30, 2010

1st Email from the MTC

I am so excited! This is his first email from the MTC. So proud of him!

Dated 7/28/2010

Hi Family!!!

So my PDAY is actually on Wednesday but they had us write one letter our first week so you knew we got her ok.
Oh boy where to start.... well I have 2 companions Elder Pope and Elder Montoya. Boy am I so blessed to have them. I know the Lord blessed me with these companions for a reason. They inspire me so much and help me to draw closer to the spirit. I am glad to be in a trio companionship because we each bring something to the table and help each other out in more ways than we know. The schedule here is definately busy and it's hard to keep up with it sometimes. I think I have only been late to class once but Hermano Vigil is cool and completely understood. My schedule changes everyday and even our Pday has a schedule. I will give you an example for our schedule on Tuesdays:
6:00 Wake up
7:00 Personal Study
8:15-8:45 Breakfast
8:45- 11:00 Class with Hermano Vigil
11:00- 11:30 Prep for gym
11:30-12:30 Gym time
12:30- 1:00 Clean up and get dressed
1:00 Lunch
1:45 Companion Study
2:45 Language study
3:45 Workshop
4:45 Missionary directed time
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Devotional
8:00 Devotional District Discussion
9:00 Planning
9:25 back to the rooms
10:15 Quiet time
10:30 Lights out bed time

So thats Probably one of our craziest days. We are only allowed to write and send letters on Pdays although some elders tend to ignore that rule. I will not be able to greet Devon when she gets her today. It is against mission rules and me and my companions are striving for exact obedience. If I see her though I will definately make an effort to welcome her here becase i know how my first day was and it was a little nerve racking not knowing anyone. Although I did see Elder Jager Lee on my second day which was nice. Our district is already really close and even though I'm not the district leader, our district leader always comes to me for advice because he feels I know more than he does. I constantly have to remind him I've only been here as long as he has. It's funny because even the Hermanas look up to me and I wish they didn't because I don't feel like a leader and even though I know Bishop says that is a characteristic that i Just have about me whether I like it or not.

The language is something I am able to pick up easy and me and my companions make it an effort to bare our testimonies in spanish at least 3 times a day to someone we don't know. We are are just now starting to work on teaching the first lesson in spanish which is nerve racking because we just signed up for our first progressive investigator. But I know we will do good as long as we teach by the spirit. Something that I recognized and actually REALIZED because of the devotional last night was that WE ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LORD. We represent him in everything we do and people see that. I wish you could be here for the devotionals but I will try and send you some notes in letters today that i send home. Along with a list of things that i will need that they dont have here at the MTC. I am so GLAD that I took this opportunity to serve a mission.

I love each and every one of you and I expect you to keep writing me letters. It motivates me to know that i have so much support back home. Also please have Sarah write me. And have her read Moroni 10: 3-5.

I love you all,
Elder Donner

Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Letter

Well we were pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Elder Donner today addressed to Madre Y La Familia. It was dated July 23, 2010.

Dear Mom & Family,

The first day of the MTC was CRAZY!!! I can't say that I have ever been more stressed! But I'm glad they did it the way they did. I am actually in a trio companionship so there are three of us. Elder Pope at first was really shy but I find he's actually just a very soft spoken guy. Elder Montoya, my other companero, is...well let's just say the Lord must have thought I needed to learn patience. Elder Montonya is a 24 year-old guy with a heavy learning disability. I am proud though to have him as a companion.
The second was definitely a lot calmer. Although I still feel lost the people here are so great and I already love them...until next time...

Elder Donner


This is Scott at the airport taken with a cellphone. Still don't know when his p-days are, so we have not heard from him news is good news.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The night before Scott leaves...set apart as a cool!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010