Monday, August 22, 2011



This past transfer just ended. I´m staying, but they took my companion away :( I´m kinda sad about that. Its not that I don´t like the companion I was given, but I really liked Elder Martinez. We were both kinda super bummed out. It was interesting because I just traded companions with another elder in the same zone. I received his kid and he got my companion. I kinda thought we were going to be staying together, but that wasn´t really the case.

Not really a whole lot went on this past week again. It was a pretty normal week. It was a little slow kinda. We didn´t find many people either, which was super frustrating. Everyone kept using the excuse that school is starting up again and they don´t have time right at this moment to listen to us. Of course, I´m going nuts because I haven´t baptized in quite a while. But still working hard to do so. I haven´t given up hope.

Anyways, my new companion´s name is Elder Quirante. He is from Texas, but his entire family is Phillipino, and he looks it. Its funny because no one here knows that, because they all think that he is Japanese or Chinese. I´m not even sure if they know what Phillipino people look like. Anyways, he and his entire family look alike. He showed us a picture and it was really hard to figure out which one he was. He doesn´t have very much time in the mission, but he will be another missionary that completes his 6 months with me as a companion. Elder Martinez did too.

So I´m going to be here another 6 weeks. I don´t think I will be here anymore after this next transfer. But who knows... Interesting fact, the next transfers we have are on October 3rd, 5 days right before my birthday. I´m trying to remember when it is this year because last year I forgot. Man its really close.... I don´t like to think that I´ll be turning 21. Makes me feel old. Especially since most people here guess that I´m 30 years old.... I´m hoping thats just for my height and nothing else.

Elder Scott Donner

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doctor, Doctor...Give Me The News...

Hi there family,

So I shot a call over to the doctor this week (I wonder how many of you are going to read the first part too fast and think I shot the doctor jajaj!!!!), and he has me taking some medicine to help out with things. He thinks its the food that I have been eating may have given me food posioning or something other than that. Anyways, I´m starting to get better little by little.

Had an interesting experience just this morning actually. One of our investigators didn´t come to church. Its one of the only time she hasn´t. We figured something had come up and she wasn´t able to come. We received a text from her this morning and she explained to us that she had a horrible Sunday and she thinks that coming to church would have made a world´s difference. That was a huge testimony builder to me to see that investigators recognize that the gospel really does change their lives. I guess our whole lives we have just kinda taken it for granted. We don´t really the grand difference that it has in our lives.

Anyways, we really didn´t find too many this past week. It was a little interesting. I don´t think we had very many people open up to us. But we are starting to do more street contacting, because our zone has decided that its super effective. We realize we need to be doing everything in our power to be able to find the people who are searching for the gospel, or open to accept it. Its fun to try and find new ways to do contacts. We are constantly trying to have fun. We even considered asking to take pictures with the people we contacted, BUT.... we thought better of it jaja!!!!!

Speaking of pictures, I failed again :(. I have to admit that taking pictures isn´t the first thing on my mind, though it should be in there somewhere jaja!!!! But I did get the pictures you sent be email. Still waiting for the ones by mail. I´m actually really excited to see which pictures you decided would be good to show to the investigators. I thought of a funny one the other day when I decided to puts the girls´ hair clips in my hair, and you all thought it was hilarious, and so we took a picture. I´m going to see if I can´t get some ridiculous fotos taken for everyone, just to liven things up a bit jaja!!!

Its weird to think that one year has past... in one week I will have 13 months. No I´m not counting, but our zone leader is jaja! But it kinda scares me, because you all know how fast the end of the year seems to fly by. Well I can tell you one thing, that definately doesn´t change now that I´m in Mexico. But I realize that even when I reach the end of this year, I will only have 6 months left :O. Definately not ready for that.

Anyways, I´m going to wrap things up with this email.

Elder Scott Donner

Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Times...?

Hi there family,

So its been a good week. Alot of working this week. Still alot of raining too. I keep getting sick from the food here too, its quite interesting. I think everyday this week, I have thrown up after eating anything. And it just so happened that this week, we were fed a ton of food as well. Anyways, I´m really enjoying the work lately. Weeks like this week makes me glad to say that I´m a missionary. I learned alot from our zone leaders this week thanks to some splits we went on. Its amazing the little things that we can change in the way we work, that could end up changing alot in the end. Like, when you knock a door, excuse yourself for bothering them. Even though your kinda not sorry, they find it polite and are probably going to listen with more intent. But that has definately helped me to become more interested in the work, not that I wasn´t interested in the first place. But sometimes, changing what you do can help you not to get bored.

Anyways, I just love my companion. He is probably one of my favorites. I always find something out about him everyday. He told me to share some of the things about his home with you guys. Like the fact that most of his life, he has slept outside in a hammock. Its really hot where he lives in Oaxaca, so he has always just slept outside, because it is the most comfortable thing to do. He also already has his own house. He says its not the greatest thing, but he is going to rebuild it when he gets home.

Its hilarious because he was looking at my calendar of the family. He says I look alot like Uncle Mac, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Kim. He thinks its funny because he says none of us are actually white, so he doesn´t know why they call us gueros (means white person). He says we are all actually red, like dad jaja!!! We get along really good. He says I need to visit Oaxaca when he gets off the mission because he wants to show me how much different it is there. The beaches are apparently really gorgeous.

Anyways, we are starting to grow a little bit with our pool of investigators. I´m really glad, because it seemed like we were working with the same people, and we are struggling with them. Apparently the marriage office is a little more difficult than I thought.

I´m really sorry, but I really don´t have any pictures yet. I´ve been horrible about that lately... I´m going to do better this week, promise!

Love ya guys,
Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hola Family,

So this week was alot better, and alot different. My insomnia had been affecting me so much that a few people had asked me if I got punched in the face, because the baggies under my eyes were so dark. We still worked super hard, and I really actually enjoyed this week. The rain hasn´t let up at all. Its almost been kinda fun, because I feel like I´m in a movie, and this would be one of the climaxes of the movie.

Anyways, we still are working with our investigators. One thing we are still working for is baptism. It seems to be a great struggle sometimes. We are also enjoying working with alot of less active members in the ward as well. The work I really have enjoyed lately. I am still not able to upload any photo´s to the computer because my cord doesn´t work, so I am just going to buy a usb device to plug my memory card in instead.

I have been showering with cold water for the past week. Why you ask? Because I´m a "codo" and don´t want to buy more gas jaja! You´ll have to ask someone who speaks spanish what a codo is. And no I don´t mean elbow.

Really not much exciting going on this week. I received the package finally. To my surprise, the cocoa that was put in the package had exploaded and got everywhere. I had to wash the pants. Also the picture that Nicki drew me is now on brown paper instead of white, but I can still see the drawing :)

I did not burn a tie. You do that at six months. I burned a shirt :D

I was told that you have to ask around to find out what holds up well in the sun and the rain for shoes. Theres no specific brand.

Not much news, sorry. If you have questions, maybe I can think of something.


Elder Scott Donner