Monday, August 15, 2011

Doctor, Doctor...Give Me The News...

Hi there family,

So I shot a call over to the doctor this week (I wonder how many of you are going to read the first part too fast and think I shot the doctor jajaj!!!!), and he has me taking some medicine to help out with things. He thinks its the food that I have been eating may have given me food posioning or something other than that. Anyways, I´m starting to get better little by little.

Had an interesting experience just this morning actually. One of our investigators didn´t come to church. Its one of the only time she hasn´t. We figured something had come up and she wasn´t able to come. We received a text from her this morning and she explained to us that she had a horrible Sunday and she thinks that coming to church would have made a world´s difference. That was a huge testimony builder to me to see that investigators recognize that the gospel really does change their lives. I guess our whole lives we have just kinda taken it for granted. We don´t really the grand difference that it has in our lives.

Anyways, we really didn´t find too many this past week. It was a little interesting. I don´t think we had very many people open up to us. But we are starting to do more street contacting, because our zone has decided that its super effective. We realize we need to be doing everything in our power to be able to find the people who are searching for the gospel, or open to accept it. Its fun to try and find new ways to do contacts. We are constantly trying to have fun. We even considered asking to take pictures with the people we contacted, BUT.... we thought better of it jaja!!!!!

Speaking of pictures, I failed again :(. I have to admit that taking pictures isn´t the first thing on my mind, though it should be in there somewhere jaja!!!! But I did get the pictures you sent be email. Still waiting for the ones by mail. I´m actually really excited to see which pictures you decided would be good to show to the investigators. I thought of a funny one the other day when I decided to puts the girls´ hair clips in my hair, and you all thought it was hilarious, and so we took a picture. I´m going to see if I can´t get some ridiculous fotos taken for everyone, just to liven things up a bit jaja!!!

Its weird to think that one year has past... in one week I will have 13 months. No I´m not counting, but our zone leader is jaja! But it kinda scares me, because you all know how fast the end of the year seems to fly by. Well I can tell you one thing, that definately doesn´t change now that I´m in Mexico. But I realize that even when I reach the end of this year, I will only have 6 months left :O. Definately not ready for that.

Anyways, I´m going to wrap things up with this email.

Elder Scott Donner

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