Monday, August 22, 2011



This past transfer just ended. I´m staying, but they took my companion away :( I´m kinda sad about that. Its not that I don´t like the companion I was given, but I really liked Elder Martinez. We were both kinda super bummed out. It was interesting because I just traded companions with another elder in the same zone. I received his kid and he got my companion. I kinda thought we were going to be staying together, but that wasn´t really the case.

Not really a whole lot went on this past week again. It was a pretty normal week. It was a little slow kinda. We didn´t find many people either, which was super frustrating. Everyone kept using the excuse that school is starting up again and they don´t have time right at this moment to listen to us. Of course, I´m going nuts because I haven´t baptized in quite a while. But still working hard to do so. I haven´t given up hope.

Anyways, my new companion´s name is Elder Quirante. He is from Texas, but his entire family is Phillipino, and he looks it. Its funny because no one here knows that, because they all think that he is Japanese or Chinese. I´m not even sure if they know what Phillipino people look like. Anyways, he and his entire family look alike. He showed us a picture and it was really hard to figure out which one he was. He doesn´t have very much time in the mission, but he will be another missionary that completes his 6 months with me as a companion. Elder Martinez did too.

So I´m going to be here another 6 weeks. I don´t think I will be here anymore after this next transfer. But who knows... Interesting fact, the next transfers we have are on October 3rd, 5 days right before my birthday. I´m trying to remember when it is this year because last year I forgot. Man its really close.... I don´t like to think that I´ll be turning 21. Makes me feel old. Especially since most people here guess that I´m 30 years old.... I´m hoping thats just for my height and nothing else.

Elder Scott Donner

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