Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Times...?

Hi there family,

So its been a good week. Alot of working this week. Still alot of raining too. I keep getting sick from the food here too, its quite interesting. I think everyday this week, I have thrown up after eating anything. And it just so happened that this week, we were fed a ton of food as well. Anyways, I´m really enjoying the work lately. Weeks like this week makes me glad to say that I´m a missionary. I learned alot from our zone leaders this week thanks to some splits we went on. Its amazing the little things that we can change in the way we work, that could end up changing alot in the end. Like, when you knock a door, excuse yourself for bothering them. Even though your kinda not sorry, they find it polite and are probably going to listen with more intent. But that has definately helped me to become more interested in the work, not that I wasn´t interested in the first place. But sometimes, changing what you do can help you not to get bored.

Anyways, I just love my companion. He is probably one of my favorites. I always find something out about him everyday. He told me to share some of the things about his home with you guys. Like the fact that most of his life, he has slept outside in a hammock. Its really hot where he lives in Oaxaca, so he has always just slept outside, because it is the most comfortable thing to do. He also already has his own house. He says its not the greatest thing, but he is going to rebuild it when he gets home.

Its hilarious because he was looking at my calendar of the family. He says I look alot like Uncle Mac, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Kim. He thinks its funny because he says none of us are actually white, so he doesn´t know why they call us gueros (means white person). He says we are all actually red, like dad jaja!!! We get along really good. He says I need to visit Oaxaca when he gets off the mission because he wants to show me how much different it is there. The beaches are apparently really gorgeous.

Anyways, we are starting to grow a little bit with our pool of investigators. I´m really glad, because it seemed like we were working with the same people, and we are struggling with them. Apparently the marriage office is a little more difficult than I thought.

I´m really sorry, but I really don´t have any pictures yet. I´ve been horrible about that lately... I´m going to do better this week, promise!

Love ya guys,
Elder Scott Donner

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