Monday, October 24, 2011

Really Good Week!

Dads name is Jorge, Mom is Lucia, Daughter is Monserrat (Monse for short), son is Oscar :)


This week was really good. We did divisions with the zone leaders on Tuesday. That was a pretty sweet day because I got to know one of the zone leaders better. It was a nice opportunity. The divisions were all day so I didn’t have the chance to go to the lesson with our golden family. But when we got back together after the day had ended, the dad from the family took us home from the divisions. He dropped us off and my companion said that they wanted to get baptized the next day and would call to confirm us if the daughter could do it.

We received the call and went ahead with the plans! We had interviews right before the baptism, and they all got baptized!!! It was a really neat experience! Each one of them has strong testimonies and they are so excited to go to the temple in one year to get sealed! I told them that if they let me know that I would be there, and they told me I would be the first to know :)

They got confirmed yesterday. The daughter argued a lot with her boss to let her go to church to get confirmed jaja! She ended up working at night, but was very upset because her boss had promised her to give her Sundays off now. They are already strong and are looking for ways they can help out in the ward jaja!

Me and my companion were bustin our butts after that working hard, and we found some potentials, so we will have to see what happens with them :)


Elder Scott Donner

Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Pictures!

The Birthday Cake

The blow out the candle.
It's hard to blow out a candle when you're 21.

Hey Family,

So I will be able to send fotos this week. Just so you know :). This past week kinda zipped by for us, so i didnt really pay much attention jaja! It seemed like alot of time was spent with the family we are working so hard to baptize. One thing after another always comes up that seems to push them away or make them doubt. They unfortunately had a death in the family, and had the normal question of why. We have really been focusing on the Plan of Salvation with them and helping them to feel the spirit. We watched one of the church movies with them and afterwards they expressed to us how grateful they were that we were there with them.

We are now hoping this weekend we can baptize them. We received alot of referrals this week too. Some of them fake addresses but we are still excited to see what becomes of these referrals. Its exciting to be in the mission right now, because we are seeing amazing things happen here. President Tervort is also very excited, and he expects alot of everyone. We are still suppoessd to be receiving 30ish missionaries EXTRA before the end of the year. This will mean that almost every ward in the mission will have 2 sets of missionaries, some even 3! President saw one of the mission presidents from another Mexico city mission, and said that he had lost 3 and only received 3, where as we lost 4 and received 18 americans! Who knows how many from other countries.....

Im going to try a different method of sending the fotos, and just send them in a zip file. The one with the Moth is what I found this morning and my clothes that were out to dry.

Elder Scott Donner

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday

Hi ther,

So it sounds like you all had a very very crazy week. Personally I think Cody should stop putting needles in his arm jaja!.... ok probly not too funny. Anyways, I had a super eventful week this past week. Definately nuts! But a very rewarding week!

So lemme tell ya about it! So we start out Tuesday with an awesome referral from the zone leaders. They said that they were contacting and that a lady had talked to them and wanted the missionaries over. They are in our area, so they passed it off to us! We went over there and they had a ton of questions for us. We taught a really good lesson with them. We were kinda of embarrassed because they wanted to read the Book of Mormon and come to church before we had even invited them. So we set up an appointment to return on thursday. Not everyone was there on thursday, so we just checked up to see if they had read, and they had. They said they had prayed too and felt the spirit. They had also noticed that the husband was having more success in work since we had showed up, which he was out working at that moment. We just kept reminding them of the spirit, because we didnt want them to forget that feeling. We set up another appointment for Saturday, and the mom saw that my companion wrote in huge letters that it was my birthday that day. She turned to me and told me that her husbands was the day before that. We thought that was cool, but even cooler when later that night, the husband called and invited us to an appiointed with them the next day, so we could also celebrate our birthdays together. We went there and shared with them some more, but not only that, but they had prepared dinner in honor of our birthdays! The daughters boyfriend was there too asking us a ton of questions, so we taught a little bit to him. Then comes sunday, and we were running late because our alarms didnt go off and we have church at 8 in the morning. We are just walking out the door when the family pulls up and says ,"Elders! You´re running late! We´re gonna miss church!" I was so embarrassed but so shocked at the same time! We cant wait for our next appointment with them!

Also saturday, we ate with the relief society president, and she bought me a cake. I have pictures of that :).... which dont want to upload!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I hate computers here? Well I do!!!!

I will see what I cant do about sending them tonight after our meeting!
Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reality Is Setting In...


So this week is already the start of a new transfer. Crazy huh? Im definately not ready for it, because that means I have somewhere less than 7 changes left. NOT EXCITED!!! I might extend when the time comes. Anyways, I really enjoyed general conference alot! Although I only got to see them on Saturday and the priesthood session because we were given the wrong times for the Sunday sessions, so that was a bummer. I really enjoyed the priesthood session this year though. This was probably one of my favorites, especially when Holland talked and President Monson talked.

Anyways, this last week really zipped by. We met a really neat family who we are hoping to baptize soon. They had a ton of questions for us! When we explained to them that we dont get paid (after they had asked), they felt so bad that we lived alone and paid for anything we needed, so they gave us a bunch of food and bathroom stuff. It kinda made me laugh, because we´re not suffering, but they felt that it was very hard to be away from the family, because they are very obviously a really close family.

So I started Christmas shopping for the familys this week. I´m actually very excited to send some of the stuff. Mom you will have to help me out with the distributing part :) Everying here is so very cheap but such great quality for the price. You will all be receiving stuff that you can only find in Mexico :)

So I´m still losing weight, and see that I am going to have to invest in some new pants again. I found a place here that sells them cheap. BTW, I received my package :) I love the fact that there are 21 ties :D and the shoes are actually perfect! I am pretty sure these will last for the rest of the mission. I was actually borrowing some shoes from another missionary who gratefully has my shoe size. I only have my shoes that I wear to church that will fall apart if I wear them anywhere else jaja!

Anyways, working on taking some pictures and am going to be sending home a flash drive with all of my backed up pictures on it. :)

Elder Scott Donner