Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Pictures!

The Birthday Cake

The blow out the candle.
It's hard to blow out a candle when you're 21.

Hey Family,

So I will be able to send fotos this week. Just so you know :). This past week kinda zipped by for us, so i didnt really pay much attention jaja! It seemed like alot of time was spent with the family we are working so hard to baptize. One thing after another always comes up that seems to push them away or make them doubt. They unfortunately had a death in the family, and had the normal question of why. We have really been focusing on the Plan of Salvation with them and helping them to feel the spirit. We watched one of the church movies with them and afterwards they expressed to us how grateful they were that we were there with them.

We are now hoping this weekend we can baptize them. We received alot of referrals this week too. Some of them fake addresses but we are still excited to see what becomes of these referrals. Its exciting to be in the mission right now, because we are seeing amazing things happen here. President Tervort is also very excited, and he expects alot of everyone. We are still suppoessd to be receiving 30ish missionaries EXTRA before the end of the year. This will mean that almost every ward in the mission will have 2 sets of missionaries, some even 3! President saw one of the mission presidents from another Mexico city mission, and said that he had lost 3 and only received 3, where as we lost 4 and received 18 americans! Who knows how many from other countries.....

Im going to try a different method of sending the fotos, and just send them in a zip file. The one with the Moth is what I found this morning and my clothes that were out to dry.

Elder Scott Donner

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