Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday

Hi ther,

So it sounds like you all had a very very crazy week. Personally I think Cody should stop putting needles in his arm jaja!.... ok probly not too funny. Anyways, I had a super eventful week this past week. Definately nuts! But a very rewarding week!

So lemme tell ya about it! So we start out Tuesday with an awesome referral from the zone leaders. They said that they were contacting and that a lady had talked to them and wanted the missionaries over. They are in our area, so they passed it off to us! We went over there and they had a ton of questions for us. We taught a really good lesson with them. We were kinda of embarrassed because they wanted to read the Book of Mormon and come to church before we had even invited them. So we set up an appointment to return on thursday. Not everyone was there on thursday, so we just checked up to see if they had read, and they had. They said they had prayed too and felt the spirit. They had also noticed that the husband was having more success in work since we had showed up, which he was out working at that moment. We just kept reminding them of the spirit, because we didnt want them to forget that feeling. We set up another appointment for Saturday, and the mom saw that my companion wrote in huge letters that it was my birthday that day. She turned to me and told me that her husbands was the day before that. We thought that was cool, but even cooler when later that night, the husband called and invited us to an appiointed with them the next day, so we could also celebrate our birthdays together. We went there and shared with them some more, but not only that, but they had prepared dinner in honor of our birthdays! The daughters boyfriend was there too asking us a ton of questions, so we taught a little bit to him. Then comes sunday, and we were running late because our alarms didnt go off and we have church at 8 in the morning. We are just walking out the door when the family pulls up and says ,"Elders! You´re running late! We´re gonna miss church!" I was so embarrassed but so shocked at the same time! We cant wait for our next appointment with them!

Also saturday, we ate with the relief society president, and she bought me a cake. I have pictures of that :).... which dont want to upload!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I hate computers here? Well I do!!!!

I will see what I cant do about sending them tonight after our meeting!
Elder Scott Donner

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