Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reality Is Setting In...


So this week is already the start of a new transfer. Crazy huh? Im definately not ready for it, because that means I have somewhere less than 7 changes left. NOT EXCITED!!! I might extend when the time comes. Anyways, I really enjoyed general conference alot! Although I only got to see them on Saturday and the priesthood session because we were given the wrong times for the Sunday sessions, so that was a bummer. I really enjoyed the priesthood session this year though. This was probably one of my favorites, especially when Holland talked and President Monson talked.

Anyways, this last week really zipped by. We met a really neat family who we are hoping to baptize soon. They had a ton of questions for us! When we explained to them that we dont get paid (after they had asked), they felt so bad that we lived alone and paid for anything we needed, so they gave us a bunch of food and bathroom stuff. It kinda made me laugh, because we´re not suffering, but they felt that it was very hard to be away from the family, because they are very obviously a really close family.

So I started Christmas shopping for the familys this week. I´m actually very excited to send some of the stuff. Mom you will have to help me out with the distributing part :) Everying here is so very cheap but such great quality for the price. You will all be receiving stuff that you can only find in Mexico :)

So I´m still losing weight, and see that I am going to have to invest in some new pants again. I found a place here that sells them cheap. BTW, I received my package :) I love the fact that there are 21 ties :D and the shoes are actually perfect! I am pretty sure these will last for the rest of the mission. I was actually borrowing some shoes from another missionary who gratefully has my shoe size. I only have my shoes that I wear to church that will fall apart if I wear them anywhere else jaja!

Anyways, working on taking some pictures and am going to be sending home a flash drive with all of my backed up pictures on it. :)

Elder Scott Donner

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