Monday, September 26, 2011

New Approach

Well this week was just a week of searching. We talked to alot of people this week, because the mission is really focusing on urgency while we are working. We are also focusing alot more in using the Book of Mormon when we contact people. I really like the method because its really peeks peoples interest when we ask them questions like, "Do you ever wonder what was happening here in America when Christ was in Jerusalem?" I am enjoying using the Book of Mormon approach very much.
We have 2 colonies in our area, one of them being "super catholic", meaning they arent open to discuss religion. We have only been working in that part, because we dont have any members in that area. Well we finally got tired of being rejected by most of the people, or having people give us false directions. So we decided to start working in the other colony finally. The first street we knocked in that area, we found 2 families that let us teach them. Frustration terminated!
We also have a Circus that is in our area right now, so we are going to see what we cant do about visitng it :)
No new fotos this week, sorry!
Elder Scott Donner

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