Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi there!

So this week was another long week. We worked our butts off with little toshow. So remember how last week it was raining every day? Well this week it definitely wasn’t, In fact it got a ton hotter really quick!!! So I have been sweating my brains out. Literally! I swear that a little piece falls out every day. So that has definitely been making it more fun for us to work. My companion and I have been trying to utilize all of the tools the mission gives us to find more investigators. We have gone through the list of part-member families, dropped investigators, contacting everyone we see, knocking doors, asking converts for referrals, EVERYTHING. We aren’t exactly sure why we haven’t had much success, but we are hoping that it is just a trial of our faith that we
are having.

We still haven’t found that family of 4 which is really frustrating, and the father of one of the member girls now has a new job where he works all day every day, so that’s pretty much a no go. We haven’t had a single person let us in their door, and anyone who has told us to pass by or come back is never there. But we continue to work hard.

I have to say, today, we went inside the high school owned by the church, called theBenimerito de las Americas. THEY HAVE THE MOST GREEN GRASS THAT I HAVE SEEN IN ALL OF MEXICO. We went there to play soccer today. I have gotten pretty darn good at it too. And by good I mean that whenever I decide I wanna steal the ball from the other team, I just run really fast towards them and they usually get scared and just move jaja!!! Funniest thing happened while we were playing because one elder stopped playing because he said it wasn’t worth getting runover by me (which has never happened!).

Anyways, we continue to receive a lot of support from the ward. The bishop is working really hard to help the members understand the importance of giving us referrals, because it is such a small area. I have talked to most everyone more than once or twice here, so it would be a lot easier to teach people with the help of the members. Hopefully we can get them more involved in that aspect.

Anyways, didn’t take any pictures again :S SORRY! I am trying to be better about that, and having a greeny as a companion makes me think about it more because he takes pictures of EVERYTHING!!!

Love ya Guys!!
Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hey guys,

If I said that this week was eventful, I wouldn't be lying :P. There were just a lot of things that happened jaja!

We´ll start with Tuesday :) Me and Elder Pike left to work, and we ran into problems in the Tianguis. We were walking through, and some old lady claimed that the backpack that I was using had been robbed from her tiangui. It obviously wasn't true because I had bought the backpack in the tianguis that they set up on Saturdays from a different lady. So we ended up just walking away after a while when others started to tell us just to ignore her.

This entire week it has been raining. Monday through Wednesday after lunch. Every other day it has rained all day. Well on Wednesday, it was so wet that I fell down an entire flight of stairs. That was also very fun. Even more fun being that the dog at the bottom thought that I was attacking it, so it latched onto my pants, and now there is a hole near my shoe.

Thursday I woke up with a huge migraine, and it was freezing cold. Good thing we didn't have water so we couldn't shower. I was so happy that I was able to be cold all morning. So it was just a fun day for everything, because it was raining all day. When we got home that night, we both took freezing hot showers (notice the oxymoron). The water was hot, but the air was freezing because someone decided it was a great idea to put slated windows in our bathroom so the air can enter right in.

Friday and Saturday we did some damage control and passed by people with whom we set appointments. There wasn't anyone very promising. We still have a few good possibilities for baptism. They show up to church, but the key would be to find them when they are home.

On Sunday they made my companion share his testimony in Sacrament meeting. He speaks really well for only 4 months in the mission.

Anyways, I got my camera this week.


I am gonna show you the bathroom before I cleaned it :)

Ok so obviously it was really gross. Imagine how grossed out I was when I found that our shower tiles were actually blue and that our sink and toilet are cream colored. Yucky......

And the last image is of me and a good friend from the ward who really helps us out. His name is Iván.

Anyways, have a happy Valentines Day everyone!

Elder Scott Donner

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Raining Cats & Dogs!

Hey ther everbuddy,
So this was a really interesting last week. Most of it was spent looking for a bunch of people that we set appointments with, and also visiting some random people that showed up to church. Also, this entire week it has been raining, making Mexico a very cold and wet place. But there have been advantages to this. We were returning home one night when it was raining this week, and that family of 4 that we were going to baptize, drove by and gave us a ride home. They had disappeared for a little bit, but finally showed back up. We have an appointment tomorrow with them, so hopefully we can get them back on track. I am kinda excited, because they are 4 people, and we also already have a couple more possibles starting out this change.That's another subject.
My companion got changed and I received a new companion. Surprise!!! It was shocking to me too jaja. My new companion is Elder Pike. I don't know if you remember him. He is the missionary I said looks like Drew Carry (from Who´s line is it anyway and The Price is Right). It's really funny, because his voice sounds a lot like him too. Anyways, I am his second companion, so this will be fun :)I would send you the pictures that I have taken this last week, but unfortunately my camera is with the zone leaders (by accident).

BTW! I am starting my last 4 changes!

Love ya all!
Elder Scott Donner