Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Raining Cats & Dogs!

Hey ther everbuddy,
So this was a really interesting last week. Most of it was spent looking for a bunch of people that we set appointments with, and also visiting some random people that showed up to church. Also, this entire week it has been raining, making Mexico a very cold and wet place. But there have been advantages to this. We were returning home one night when it was raining this week, and that family of 4 that we were going to baptize, drove by and gave us a ride home. They had disappeared for a little bit, but finally showed back up. We have an appointment tomorrow with them, so hopefully we can get them back on track. I am kinda excited, because they are 4 people, and we also already have a couple more possibles starting out this change.That's another subject.
My companion got changed and I received a new companion. Surprise!!! It was shocking to me too jaja. My new companion is Elder Pike. I don't know if you remember him. He is the missionary I said looks like Drew Carry (from Who´s line is it anyway and The Price is Right). It's really funny, because his voice sounds a lot like him too. Anyways, I am his second companion, so this will be fun :)I would send you the pictures that I have taken this last week, but unfortunately my camera is with the zone leaders (by accident).

BTW! I am starting my last 4 changes!

Love ya all!
Elder Scott Donner

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