Monday, January 30, 2012

Chili Peppers?

Hi family!

So this week was super slow. We spent all week just looking for investigators. It was a long week, but now that it's gone, it's weird to think of how fast it actually was for me. We met one man who came to church because he wants to be close to his daughter who is a member. It was nice because he is willing to do whatever he can. We set an appointment with him for this Wednesday.

Not very much more happened. This week is the last week of this change, which is weird to think, because for me it flew by.

My knee is doing ok. I scraped it up pretty good playing soccer last week :S jaja!

Today my bishop mentioned to me that the easiest way to bring chili seeds from here to the states would be to eat the before I leave Mexico, and when I get home, just poop in a hole in the ground, because the seeds don't digest jaja!!!!!! I laughed pretty hard on that one. I can probably just bring seeds normally, but we got a kick outta laughing.

Elder Scott Donner

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