Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Times!

Hey guys!

A lot of good stuff happened this week. First, I will start out by telling you we found a lot of people that are going to get baptized. We have approximately 11. Five of them are going to be getting baptized this coming Saturday! So cool!!! All but 4 of them we found knocking doors. They are all pretty solid. When we baptized them all, we will have baptized the most of the zone, and the most that any single companionship has ever baptized in this zone!!! I know that we will be able to do this!!!

Anyways, today was a really sweet Pday. Know why?! We learned how to make TAMALES!!!!!!!!! AND YES I HAVE PICTURES. No, I will not send instructions because it is something you have to show. But I did write everything down :) We spent about three hours learning how to make 3 different types of tamales. We only got to try one type though, because the others are cooking right now jaja! But let me tell you, they are SOOO good, and they are definitely something we could make in Arizona.

Anyways, me and my companion decided to rearrange our house this week too, because it was really messy from other missionaries. We also had a lot of fun goofing around in our free time. I really enjoy the ward that I am in right now. It is a really good ward and they want to support us.

1st picture is me mixing the "maza" or dough. Yes, you have to mix it with your hand. Cry about it :)

2nd picture is us learning how to put the maza in the corn leaves, along with whatever we want to put in the tamales.

3rd picture is of most of the tamales wrapped in the corn leaves.

4th is the end result :)

I love you guys so much!!!

Elder Scott Donner

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