Monday, April 30, 2012

What a week!

Oh geez!
What a week I had jaja!  So basically we were busy spending the entire week getting everything ready for the baptism.  In the meantime, we were busy trying to find everyone that we had set appointments with, AND trying to cope with my insomnia jaja!  Sounds like fun no?  We also have a goal to start bringing more of the young men on divisions with us, because there are a lot of them and we want to help them prepare for the mission more.  So it was nuts right?

We also didn’t know if we were going to do it in our building or the stake center, because our building hasn’t had water for over a month.  So we went on Friday night just to check to see if there was water.  There was, which was awesome, so we knew that we were going to do it in our building.  The next day we came to clean the font and turn the boiler on so we could fill it with hot water.  The only problem is that they took out the boiler and never told us, so she was going to get baptized with cold water.  Great.  Then we went to go and clean the font, because it was super dirty.  So we went and cleaned it.  Then we filled it up quick because she was getting baptized at 6:00 pm.  The baptism went by fine.
Later that night we got a phone call with changes.  This was the moment of truth!!! DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!!!!!  I am going to be here another change with Elder Pike!  YAY!!!!  Which means that I might finish the mission here! YAY!!!!  Everyone else in the zone, besides the zone leaders, got changed out.
1st is me cleaning the font :P

2nd is the baptism foto.

3rd is goofing off waiting to interview someone for baptism.

4th is the zone picture.

That was pretty much our week jaja!

Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy....Rewarding...Great Week!


This last week was a really crazy week but a really rewarding and great week.

Tuesday, we had our first appointment with someone that a member had introduced us with.  Her name is Aleida.  We taught her and she accepted everything that we taught.  When the spirit got to the lesson, we recognized it and were able to commit her to be baptized the 28th of April (that would be this Saturday).  That was super exciting for us, but afterword’s, it started to poor rain.  So me and my poor companion ran home in the rain.  It was really rewarding because right from the beginning of the week we started with success.

Wednesday, we returned with Aleida.  We taught some more and she accepted all of it very easily.  I was very happy.  Every time we went with her this week, though, she had given us soda and cookies, because she happens to live in a shop.  So me and my companion were already starting to get sick from the snacks she is giving us, because we have tried so hard to start away from those kinds of foods.

On Thursday, we got a phone call from the zone leaders.  They needed to do divisions with us because one of them was really sick, so the doctor told him to stay in for the day.  I was the one who stayed with him, so I tried to use it as an opportunity to get more sleep (which I didn’t jaja).  That day we also passed by with Aleida and taught her some more.  She promised to follow the commandments.

Friday was pretty much the same.  The zone leaders had needed our help again, but they actually went to the doctor because the Elder got worse.  Apparently he was very sick and close do dying, but because of his stubbornness, continued to work instead of getting himself checked out (he told me that jaja).  So now he was commanded to stay in bed for 2 days, not eat anything, only drink water and pediolyte (the electrolyte drink), and had to receive 3 injections, one every night, given by his companion.  So we did divisions with them again and I,  and his companion went to go buy all of the medicine for him.  It came to around $1800 pesos, so we had to call President so he could come and buy it for us jaja!  President is awesome; he drove all the way from the offices so he could help us out.

Saturday was funny because once again they needed our help.  I stayed in the house this time and me and the sick missionary talked the entire time.  In the meantime, we had visited Aleida every day last week, and Saturday she came to the mission ward activity of the zone leaders, because they had a movie night.  They watched The Testaments, and she loved it.  When they got home from the activity, the sick elder asked me if I could inject him, because his companion made him bleed the night before jaja.  He had to receive the injections in the butt cheek jaja!  Anyways, so I injected him Saturday and Sunday night, because he said I did it a lot nicer than his companion jaja!

So that was pretty much our week.  This week is the last week of this change, and then I start my second to last change of the mission.  I hope I get to stay with Elder Pike (my Drew Carry companion jaja!)

Sorry...  No pictures again this week.... I know you like them but there weren’t many opportunities to take them... I will try to be better at that.

Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Working Hard...Still!

Dear family,

This week was a good week. It started out hard for us because we set up a full day of appointments on Tuesday, and they all fell. That was super frustrating, but we carried on. Eventually our hard work finally paid off. My companion had contacted a woman and we never really thought much of it. Most of the people, who we thought were solid appointments, weren’t there, so we didn’t even think much about anyone else. It was nice when we got there for the appointment and she was ready to listen to us. Also, while we were out contacting on Saturday, we ran into a member who was walking with a friend. The friend actually wanted to listen to us and the Hermana decided that the best way to find us was to walk around and they would see us working jaja. It really is pretty sweet that she would have that impression because she definitely found us.

Anyways, we really are trying to have an awesome month and finish hard.

Not really much happened in this past week. The weather is still being really strange though, and we continue to have tiny earthquakes and shockwaves here.

I still haven’t been sleeping that well, especially last night. I am not worried about it though because I can still function, and I will sleep eventually.

Sorry for it being so short. I will try to include more stuff next week.


Elder Scott Donner

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talking in Your Sleep...

Hi There Family,

Sooo this week was interesting. It was a week of
partying for everyone in the neighborhood AKA we didn't sleep very well

This week was still a good week though. It was my
companion´s birthday, so we celebrated it on Saturday with some members.
That was fun. Like I mentioned, I wasn't sleeping very well, and it was
started to affect me heavily. So I resorted to taking one of my CRAZY
sleeping pills (Ambien). They gave me a bottle in the MTC and I still had
5 or 6 pills that they had given to me. I decided only to use them when
ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Well this week was one of those moments.
Remember, this is one of the pills that would cause me to hallucinate after 20
minutes or so, and then the next morning I never remember anything. Well,
the first night I took one and obviously warned my companion about the side
effects of the pill. I woke up the next morning and my companion said I
went right to sleep. That is good. I was still tired though.

The next night, I took another pill, because the first
helped out so much. I told my companion again then I took it, and 20
minutes later I was out like a light. Or so I had thought....
Remember, I forget everything that happens. I woke up the next morning
and after getting out of the shower, found my companion watching a 20 minute
video of the things I had said the night before. It is pretty stinkin
funny, so I am sharing it with you guys. It is in a zip file, so you will
have to unzip it first.

Also, like I mentioned, my companion is teaching me to play
the piano, which I am grateful for. I am also sending a video of us
goofing around with a 2 part song he taught me. It also comes in a zip
file, so you will need to unzip it.

Anyways, we were able to confirm Luis yesterday, so that was
nice. Now we are on the lookout again for investigators jaja!

Elder Scott Donner

Monday, April 2, 2012

Really Good Week!

Hey family!!!

So this past week was a really good week. I especially enjoyed that it was conference weekend.

To start, we finished teaching everything that we needed to to our investigator that we had set up to be baptized. Let me tell you, he was probably one of the most solid baptisms I have ever had. It was really nice because when he told him about the spirit and when we identified it when it arrived in the lesson, he was so excited. He just kept smiling and talking about how cool the spirit felt. Imagine how he reacted when we told him the he would be entitled to the right to feel it forever with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He was so ready to get baptized jaja. His name is Luis. Anyways, we finished teaching him everything and he had his interview on Friday.

On Friday, my companion and I were asked to help out with a Relief Society program that the hermanas were holding. They asked my companion to play the piano. BTW, I don't know if i mentioned, but my companion has been playing the piano since he was 6. He plays really well, and has actually been teaching me on Mondays. Sadly, I regret having never taken lessons... :(. Anyways, we helped them out with their program for a bit while Luis was being interviewed. We finished that and went home to prepare for Saturday General Conference.

We wanted to go to the first session with Luis, but he unfortunately couldn't, so we weren't able to stay for the first session. We started contacting a lot in the Tianguis (Mexican market that they set up only on certain days) because we realized we were lacking on our goal for contacts. We did that until we had to go to lunch at 2:00 when the afternoon session started. It was nice because when we went, the hermano set up to listen to conference on his laptop. So while he finished preparing the food we listened, and then also while we were eating we were able to listen to conference. That was pretty sweet. I really enjoyed Elder Holland´s talk. I always enjoy it when he talks.

Anyways, after priesthood session that evening, we told everyone about our baptism that we were planning on having in between conference sessions. It was funny because we walked back to our area with some of the youth who have just turned in their mission papers. One of them who was called to serve in Provo, and already speaks English, mentioned how he prefers watching conference in English, because you hear everyones original voices. He mentioned especially about President Eyring, because his voice sounds like Optimus Primes from Transformers bajajajajaja(refer yourselves to the recent movies)!!!!!!!!

Anyways, the baptism was sick the next day. We had a lot of people show up and, afterwards, Luis asked my companion if it was alright that he felt different. SO COOL!!! He will be a great, strong member.

Today we had another earthquake. Lost the cell phone signal for a couple of hours again. Also, for March Madness (everyone ask my dad if you want to know about it jajajaja), our President wanted to "take part" in it by having a basketball tournament today between all the zones of the mission. We lost on the first round jaja. I attribute the loss to being the smallest zone in the mission. I enjoyed myself a ton though. We are going to be having a Soccer tournament next month, and a dodge ball one in June. This was all President´s idea jaja! I am so excited.

I am sending the baptism picture of us. Luis is 20 years old BTW.

Love ya guys!

Elder Scott Donner