Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talking in Your Sleep...

Hi There Family,

Sooo this week was interesting. It was a week of
partying for everyone in the neighborhood AKA we didn't sleep very well

This week was still a good week though. It was my
companion´s birthday, so we celebrated it on Saturday with some members.
That was fun. Like I mentioned, I wasn't sleeping very well, and it was
started to affect me heavily. So I resorted to taking one of my CRAZY
sleeping pills (Ambien). They gave me a bottle in the MTC and I still had
5 or 6 pills that they had given to me. I decided only to use them when
ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Well this week was one of those moments.
Remember, this is one of the pills that would cause me to hallucinate after 20
minutes or so, and then the next morning I never remember anything. Well,
the first night I took one and obviously warned my companion about the side
effects of the pill. I woke up the next morning and my companion said I
went right to sleep. That is good. I was still tired though.

The next night, I took another pill, because the first
helped out so much. I told my companion again then I took it, and 20
minutes later I was out like a light. Or so I had thought....
Remember, I forget everything that happens. I woke up the next morning
and after getting out of the shower, found my companion watching a 20 minute
video of the things I had said the night before. It is pretty stinkin
funny, so I am sharing it with you guys. It is in a zip file, so you will
have to unzip it first.

Also, like I mentioned, my companion is teaching me to play
the piano, which I am grateful for. I am also sending a video of us
goofing around with a 2 part song he taught me. It also comes in a zip
file, so you will need to unzip it.

Anyways, we were able to confirm Luis yesterday, so that was
nice. Now we are on the lookout again for investigators jaja!

Elder Scott Donner

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