Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy....Rewarding...Great Week!


This last week was a really crazy week but a really rewarding and great week.

Tuesday, we had our first appointment with someone that a member had introduced us with.  Her name is Aleida.  We taught her and she accepted everything that we taught.  When the spirit got to the lesson, we recognized it and were able to commit her to be baptized the 28th of April (that would be this Saturday).  That was super exciting for us, but afterword’s, it started to poor rain.  So me and my poor companion ran home in the rain.  It was really rewarding because right from the beginning of the week we started with success.

Wednesday, we returned with Aleida.  We taught some more and she accepted all of it very easily.  I was very happy.  Every time we went with her this week, though, she had given us soda and cookies, because she happens to live in a shop.  So me and my companion were already starting to get sick from the snacks she is giving us, because we have tried so hard to start away from those kinds of foods.

On Thursday, we got a phone call from the zone leaders.  They needed to do divisions with us because one of them was really sick, so the doctor told him to stay in for the day.  I was the one who stayed with him, so I tried to use it as an opportunity to get more sleep (which I didn’t jaja).  That day we also passed by with Aleida and taught her some more.  She promised to follow the commandments.

Friday was pretty much the same.  The zone leaders had needed our help again, but they actually went to the doctor because the Elder got worse.  Apparently he was very sick and close do dying, but because of his stubbornness, continued to work instead of getting himself checked out (he told me that jaja).  So now he was commanded to stay in bed for 2 days, not eat anything, only drink water and pediolyte (the electrolyte drink), and had to receive 3 injections, one every night, given by his companion.  So we did divisions with them again and I,  and his companion went to go buy all of the medicine for him.  It came to around $1800 pesos, so we had to call President so he could come and buy it for us jaja!  President is awesome; he drove all the way from the offices so he could help us out.

Saturday was funny because once again they needed our help.  I stayed in the house this time and me and the sick missionary talked the entire time.  In the meantime, we had visited Aleida every day last week, and Saturday she came to the mission ward activity of the zone leaders, because they had a movie night.  They watched The Testaments, and she loved it.  When they got home from the activity, the sick elder asked me if I could inject him, because his companion made him bleed the night before jaja.  He had to receive the injections in the butt cheek jaja!  Anyways, so I injected him Saturday and Sunday night, because he said I did it a lot nicer than his companion jaja!

So that was pretty much our week.  This week is the last week of this change, and then I start my second to last change of the mission.  I hope I get to stay with Elder Pike (my Drew Carry companion jaja!)

Sorry...  No pictures again this week.... I know you like them but there weren’t many opportunities to take them... I will try to be better at that.

Elder Scott Donner

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