Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Working Hard...Still!

Dear family,

This week was a good week. It started out hard for us because we set up a full day of appointments on Tuesday, and they all fell. That was super frustrating, but we carried on. Eventually our hard work finally paid off. My companion had contacted a woman and we never really thought much of it. Most of the people, who we thought were solid appointments, weren’t there, so we didn’t even think much about anyone else. It was nice when we got there for the appointment and she was ready to listen to us. Also, while we were out contacting on Saturday, we ran into a member who was walking with a friend. The friend actually wanted to listen to us and the Hermana decided that the best way to find us was to walk around and they would see us working jaja. It really is pretty sweet that she would have that impression because she definitely found us.

Anyways, we really are trying to have an awesome month and finish hard.

Not really much happened in this past week. The weather is still being really strange though, and we continue to have tiny earthquakes and shockwaves here.

I still haven’t been sleeping that well, especially last night. I am not worried about it though because I can still function, and I will sleep eventually.

Sorry for it being so short. I will try to include more stuff next week.


Elder Scott Donner

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