Monday, September 5, 2011

Still Searching...

Hey guys,

So I´m still waiting on the letters and pictures you´ve sent. I haven´t received anything just yet. Anyways, just another week of searching searching searching. I´m really just trying to work on finding a family. Using the spirit plays a big role in everything we do as missionaries. We keep learning more and more about how the spirit testifies to everyone about the truth. The only difficulties we seem to be having are getting into peoples doors. Ya we have found a few people, but not alot. Not like we need to, because the sad thing is we know some of these people won´t continue to meet with us. But we are going to continue to work.

Our zone ended up breaking the record for baptisms in a month. We are really excited and want to break our record again. Things here having been getting really nuts though. Its close to Mexico´s independence day, so everyone is buying flags and getting ready to have parties and stuff like that. Apparently it gets super nuts here, so president doesn´t want any missionaries outside or setting appointments for that day. We´ve actually set up a mission conference that day where we are going to review everything that we have learned in the mission. Afterwards, we are required to go back to our houses and stay there. I´m kinda excited to see what goes on. I won´t be outside or anything, but everyone tells me it gets super crazy with a ton of fireworks and a bunch of people in the streets just partying. I´ll have to see if I can´t just take a couple of fotos from the apartment.

Anyways, I´m really enjoying the work. It´s getting close to the day that I entered the mission field, so it´ll be wierd to thing that I have almost been in the field for a year. Time is flying by, and now I almost feel like I don´t have enough time. I´m going to be scrambling!

Sorry, still having trouble with fotos...

Love ya guys,

Elder Scott Donner

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