Friday, September 2, 2011

New Door Approach...?

Hi there,

Well it was an interesting week this week. So we were pretty much struggling this entire week. We weren´t finding very many new people, and if we did, they weren´t there when we returned. Try and try as we might, it was still a struggle. Also the zone leaders don´t share the ward with us anymore, so there are 2 new Elders to take their place. It has also been a little interesting with them. I recognize I am the only Elder who stayed in the ward. So they all kinda depend on me, and right now, the members only know me. So they only like me. The other Elders didn´t quite understand what was going on. I went through the same thing and really haven´t been in their area, so I kinda had to let them know that they were going to have to figure it out.

Anyways, like I said, this week was interesting. Saturday, the zone leaders came to my area and we did divisions. They are trying to help out all of the companionships with their areas. I can tell you that they definately helped us out in our area a ton! Saturday we were able to find a bunch of new families. The zone leader that was with me really helped me out a ton. I was able to recognize what I could do even better. He kept asking me what I was learning. What a humbling experience it was for me, but the most humbling are the ones where we learn the most.

Something funny happened this last week on Saturday night. So it was 3:00 in the morning, my companion was asleep, and I had just gotten to sleep. We awoke to our neighbor screaming for her mom to help her. She was outside with 4 friends and screaming super loud. We didn´t want to get out of bed to investigate, but then they knocked on our door.... Wonderful! I wasn´t even about to open the door, because it was way too late for that, but you can sure bet that I decided now to get out of bed and start spying through the window. I saw her, still yelling, and four guys with her. One of her friends was passed out on the floor. Everyone was clearly hammered (intoxicated). I couldn´t help but laugh. They continued to knock on the door, and I couldn´t think of anything we could do to help, except let them throw up in our toilet, so I didn´t open. Finally, her mom opened the door and they carried her friend inside. For the rest of the night, we could hear them each taking turns throwing up in the toilet. Funny story right? I thought so jaja!!!

I still haven´t received anything that you sent after the beginning of July, so I am still waiting jaja!

I´m still working on the camera problem. I can´t seem to get any computer to recognize it or the card, but I can still take pictures, which I am doing.

Love you all,

Elder Scott Donner

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