Monday, October 24, 2011

Really Good Week!

Dads name is Jorge, Mom is Lucia, Daughter is Monserrat (Monse for short), son is Oscar :)


This week was really good. We did divisions with the zone leaders on Tuesday. That was a pretty sweet day because I got to know one of the zone leaders better. It was a nice opportunity. The divisions were all day so I didn’t have the chance to go to the lesson with our golden family. But when we got back together after the day had ended, the dad from the family took us home from the divisions. He dropped us off and my companion said that they wanted to get baptized the next day and would call to confirm us if the daughter could do it.

We received the call and went ahead with the plans! We had interviews right before the baptism, and they all got baptized!!! It was a really neat experience! Each one of them has strong testimonies and they are so excited to go to the temple in one year to get sealed! I told them that if they let me know that I would be there, and they told me I would be the first to know :)

They got confirmed yesterday. The daughter argued a lot with her boss to let her go to church to get confirmed jaja! She ended up working at night, but was very upset because her boss had promised her to give her Sundays off now. They are already strong and are looking for ways they can help out in the ward jaja!

Me and my companion were bustin our butts after that working hard, and we found some potentials, so we will have to see what happens with them :)


Elder Scott Donner

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