Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is me with the zebra I sleep with :P Seriously though..... I sleep with that zebra :)

This is of our journey to the temple this Saturday. The Family we baptized drove us there because they wanted to go to the visitors center. They treated us to REAL flautas :)

So in this picture, we decided to compare my feet to others, and we realized why it is difficult/impossible to find my shoe size here in Mexico jaja!!!

Hey everyone,

So I forgot to tell you about something really awesome. This past Saturday my companion got sealed to his family in the México City Temple. So guess what I got to do? That’s right! I was able to go through the temple with my companion’s family :) It was really a neat experience and was sooo stoked to be there with him. The also asked me to be one of the witnesses, so I felt pretty honored, because the mentioned that I will remembered by them forever. His uncle also came from Sonora, which borders Arizona. He said that when I finish, anytime I want to visit, I’m more than welcome there :)

So this past week was more of just a filtering process for investigators. We basically just visited everyone that we were teaching, and those that weren’t really progressing, we let them know we could no longer continue with them. But we are excited, because the family that we baptized has another family they want us to teach. Our ward is going to the temple this weekend, so the family wants to bring them along. And of course, we are going too.... AGAIN!!! :D Super stoked for that. I really hope I don’t get changed from this area because Im really enjoying it and we are having success.


Elder Scott Donner

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