Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Change...

Hey Family,

Once again Im in another area. More changes were necessary. Anyways, now I am in a zone called Xalostoc (ha-lo-stock). The ward I am in is called Jardines. It seems like a really sweet ward, and my companion is pretty cool. His name is Elder Lozano. He has less time than me in the mission, as do almost all the missionaries in the mission now. I am excited to be in the area because we have a really high goal set for baptisms. We have reviewed all of the possibilities we have for baptism, and have decided that we have about 50 people we could baptize this month. Now we just have to filter through them really quickly to find the elected and work with them.

Its funny because a year ago I heard that Xalostoc was the worst baptizing zone in the mission, but now it is one of the highest baptizing missions. The ward only has 10 active priesthood holders, so the majority of the members are women. Its our goal to find some men to baptize so we can have more priesthood holders.

I was kinda bumped having to leave my area, but, looking on the bright side, I know I can do some good here. I am definately going to visit that ward again when I have the opportunity. Hopefully it will be when the family I baptized gets sealed in the temple that I return to visit them.

Mom, if there is one thing that I can ask for for christmas is shirts. I need more white shirts, because the ones I have are either almost worn out, or way too big on me now.... I am a size 16 1/2 and I will need the TALL PLEASE!!!! I am still growing and if they are not tall, I cannot tuck them in :S

The picture I am sending is of me and Elder Lozano.

Elder Scott Donner

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