Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Being Careful

Hola familia,

So things are still kinda crazy here, and from what I'm told, everything is only going to get more crazy :S. I am going to apologize right now because I don't have any fotos for you this week, with a good reason why not. This past week, a group of 4 guys have been following us and trying to rob us. Tuesday night we got out of an appointment, and as we were returning to our house, these 4 guys yelled "elders" to us. This is actually very normal, because a lot of people know that we are called elders. So we keep walking, but my companion turns around just to be sure they weren't following us. Well they definitely were. We started to walk faster, and instead of heading back to the house, we decided to head over to the Bodega Aurrera (its like Walmart). There were lots of people, so we went inside and we were gonna wait a bit, but three of them followed us into the store. We thought maybe it was a coincidence so we stopped in one section and just browsed. No, they were definitely following us, because they followed us to the section. We went to another part and they followed us still. At this point, we weren't sure what to do, but we suddenly noticed they had disappeared. We quickly left the store and headed back to the house, going a different way than we came.

They next day, we were headed to another appointment and four guys yelled "elder" to us again. My companion told me he thought that was them, and I told him it WAS them. We passed them, and he turned around to find one of them following us. When we turned at the corner, I confirmed that he was still following us, and we started to speed walk to our appointment. We kept praying she would be there, and luckily she was, but by the time she let us in, the guy following us arrived at the door. Our investigator kinda looked at him and he said he wanted to talk to us. He just asked us for money, but we told him the we are missionaries and walk everywhere, so we didn't have money. He wouldn't leave, but the investigator shut the door on his face and we waited for him to leave. Apparently, her neighbor had reported that the same four guys were following her daughter. It was funny because we watched the police come by and pick him up. We had a really nice lesson with the investigator (her name is Guadalupe), and we were about to leave when her daughter entered the house and told us that the police had dropped the guy back off in the streets. This usually happens because he either paid them, or because he didn't have anything of worth on him. So we quickly left the house and almost jogged back to the house the entire way.

They have been following us pretty much the entire week now. The members have told us that this is because everyone in December everyone receives their Christmas bonus, so all the thieves come out and rob anyone who might have money. Its very common this time of year. We were told that we shouldn't carry anything with us that we didn't want stolen, so I have left my camera at home this entire week. SORRY!!!

Anyways, unfortunately the baptism we had fell again because of doubts. We are working a lot with other people that had dates before but fell for one reason or another. We want December to be a month of miracles for our area, since we will both be together all of December.

I'm really enjoying the work and trying to enjoy my last Christmas, but it makes me really sad to think this is my last one. I feel really weird because I am the missionary in our zone who has the most time out, and it really stresses me out that they keep saying things about this being my last everything jaja! I unfortunately have not been sleeping well still. Its hard for me for whatever reason. My insomnia might just be because I'm not in my own bed jaja!!!

We saw that taxi driver who we crashed with. He is still driving the same taxi. Who knows how he was able to get it to run again. Its still smashed up in front.

Anyways, we are going to see what happens this week jaja!

Elder Scott Donner

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