Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hola Family,

So this week was alot better, and alot different. My insomnia had been affecting me so much that a few people had asked me if I got punched in the face, because the baggies under my eyes were so dark. We still worked super hard, and I really actually enjoyed this week. The rain hasn´t let up at all. Its almost been kinda fun, because I feel like I´m in a movie, and this would be one of the climaxes of the movie.

Anyways, we still are working with our investigators. One thing we are still working for is baptism. It seems to be a great struggle sometimes. We are also enjoying working with alot of less active members in the ward as well. The work I really have enjoyed lately. I am still not able to upload any photo´s to the computer because my cord doesn´t work, so I am just going to buy a usb device to plug my memory card in instead.

I have been showering with cold water for the past week. Why you ask? Because I´m a "codo" and don´t want to buy more gas jaja! You´ll have to ask someone who speaks spanish what a codo is. And no I don´t mean elbow.

Really not much exciting going on this week. I received the package finally. To my surprise, the cocoa that was put in the package had exploaded and got everywhere. I had to wash the pants. Also the picture that Nicki drew me is now on brown paper instead of white, but I can still see the drawing :)

I did not burn a tie. You do that at six months. I burned a shirt :D

I was told that you have to ask around to find out what holds up well in the sun and the rain for shoes. Theres no specific brand.

Not much news, sorry. If you have questions, maybe I can think of something.


Elder Scott Donner

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