Monday, July 25, 2011

So Sorry!

Dear Readers,

This post as you will notice, will be addressed to everyone who reads. First and formost, I would like to apologize for the very horrible and negative things that have been posted on my blog in the past little bit. I have been notified about how uppsetting some of the things that I wrote were to some of you. How sad that it took someone else telling me to realize how horrible I have been. I´m sure if none of you knew any better, you would not think these things coming from a missionary, even less a representative of our Savior.

I am very ashamed and disappointed in myself for having written those things, and would not blame any of you for thinking poorly of me. I would especially like to apologize to the parents of the missionaries, and the missionaries, for what I have said about some of them. The adversary has clearly been working very hard on me to see what things he could make me do, without me really realizing who I was hurting. I have let him get the best of me, along with the negative frustration and stress of being a missionary. How absolutely unacceptable it is that I chose to take it out on others. I cannot apologize enough.

I want you to know that I love every single one of the missionaries that I have had as companions. They have each impacted me in a different way, each one making me a better missionary. I am glad that you, as the readers, have brought these things to my attention. You will no longer see content like that in my blog anymore. Please understand that I truly am sorry, to each and every person who I have and have not offended.

Elder Scott Donner

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