Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head...

Hi Family,

So I actually ended up staying here in this area and my companion got transferred. My new companion is Elder Martinez. Wouldn´t you like to know that I am greeny breaking him? He actually doesn´t seem that bad. I just kinda wish I would receive a companion that I didn´t have to help learn everything that his companion before didn´t teach him. I´m hoping he actually knows alot. As you can tell I am actually super stressed lately. Not sure why. It could be that I still don´t sleep very well. It could be a lot of things. I think I´m going to talk to President because its starting to affect me alot.

Anyways, we are still pushing this freaking family to get married. Its funny because they come to church and the activities like they are already members, they´re just not married. Who knows when its gonna happen. I think the mission could help if they absolutely couldn´t pay for it, but the fact is that they have stated (mom and dad) that they could pay for them to get married. Not sure what the hold-up is. We are just working really hard with them right now.

It´s been raining really bad this past week. It literally makes it almost impossible to leave the house. 2 missionaries actually got trapped on top of a car for 3 hours because it flooded here. So work has kinda been really slow. Its a joke when we go to knock doors or stuff like that, because people just tell us its raining and to go away. What joy.

I have more pictures of the rain this week than anything. Ok just kidding. My camera isn´t connecting at all. So I will send them next week I guess. Hopefully I have some better news this next week.

Anyways, I know my emails have been short recently. Its just cuz there really isn´t that much going on lately.


Elder Scott Donner

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