Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still More Rain....

Me and Ailyn
Azul after painting herself.

Azul and her daddy after painting him.

The best shot I could get of the rain before it got dangerous.

Hi dur Family!

A lot has been going on this week, especially rain. I never thought it could rain so much in my entire life. I can now officially say that I 'm glad it doesn't rain so much in Arizona, because it is a very unpleasant experience to be stuck doing nothing because everything is flooding outside and you literally cannot walk. I really wish I had taken some fotos and video of it, but I didn't. I was actually kinda scared because you know, being from Arizona, I haven't seen so much water in my entire life (jaja, I make joke).

Anyways, there really hasn't been much progression with any of our investigators this week. It's been the same old with them. They need to get married to be baptized. One of them pushed is off, we spiritually tell them off, they feel guilty, then find another reason why no to get married. And thus has been my life for a month jaja! We visit them with members, take them to church, have family home eveing with them, and they now hold it themselves. It just seems to be our rotten luck to have investigators that aren't married.

Changes are in a week. We kinda get the feeling I'm leaving, but who knows. This are has kinda just made me a very angry grumpy person. I have alos learned a lot. Like...

  • The top bunk is better than the bottom bunk because chances are that your companion is going to throw his dirty clothes on the bottom bunk and forget about them.

  • There are actually 42 different types of tamales.

  • The feathers from a chicken do not digest in your stomach sometimes.

  • In Mexico, they think that lemon mixed with Coke will cure any problem that you are having with you tummy.

  • Body piercings are mor heard of and common here that in the US, but almost NOBODY has tattoos.

Love ya!

Elder Scott Donner

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