Monday, July 26, 2010

1st Letter

Well we were pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from Elder Donner today addressed to Madre Y La Familia. It was dated July 23, 2010.

Dear Mom & Family,

The first day of the MTC was CRAZY!!! I can't say that I have ever been more stressed! But I'm glad they did it the way they did. I am actually in a trio companionship so there are three of us. Elder Pope at first was really shy but I find he's actually just a very soft spoken guy. Elder Montoya, my other companero, is...well let's just say the Lord must have thought I needed to learn patience. Elder Montonya is a 24 year-old guy with a heavy learning disability. I am proud though to have him as a companion.
The second was definitely a lot calmer. Although I still feel lost the people here are so great and I already love them...until next time...

Elder Donner


  1. This is Elder Pope's mom. How fun to get a glimpse of who my son is serving with in the MTC. Sounds like my Elder Pope is in good hands. He had his appendix out 6 days before he entered the MTC and I really prayed hard that he would get a good companion because he was still under doctor's orders to not lift anything and to refrain from any physical activity of any kind. I love how the Lord looks after our boys. Hoorah for Israel!

  2. So, I guess my (Elder Pope's mom) comment is coming up in my daughter's name (Madison Pope) because she is the one with a google account. If you click on her picture you are going to be confused. It was I who made the comment about your son's blog and not her.