Monday, June 20, 2011

Que Sera, Sera.

Hi family,

I´m not sure what happened to my email from last week. It actually doesn´t even exist in the sent mail folder. Sorry. Otherwise I would resend it.

This past week was an ok week. We baptized 3 people but it was a super struggle to do so and I wanted to murder myself. So one of the investigators (the mom) had to go through a second interview because she was being stubborn and didn´t want to quit coffee. Excuse after excuse. But her daughters definatley wanted to get baptized. So we were fighting with her forever. We finally got her to agree. So we had the baptism. Yay. But our goal is 8 and things are not looking so hot for this weekend.

Anyways, we're now halfway through this transfer. Everyone kinda gets the feeling that I will be moved, and I kinda hope so. Sharing a ward with another set of elders is ridiculously hard. Especially when the others keep coming into your area to teach people they have contacted instead of passing along the referral. You can say that Im pretty much at my last straw.

It was really hard to find people to teach this week. We just couldn´t get anyone to let us in their house. Try as we might, everyone would always say no. I don't think I've ever struggled so much doing anything in my entire life. My companion started to give up hope and I had to slap him. He is starting to get easily discouraged now. Its a difficult time right now, even after the baptism. I think its because our zone leaders put a lot of pressure on us. They should though, but it's not helping.

Anyways, I´m going to be sending pictures this week becuase I took some jaja!

First picture is of a little girl with a butcher knife. She is the daughter of one of our investigators.

Second one is of the Baptism.

BTW my pants don´t fit me anymore and they fall all the time jaja!

Anyways, not much more to talk about.

Elder Scott Donner

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