Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GOOD NEWS...Bad News


Not gonna lie, this week has been a hard week for me. Not because I´m struggling with investigators, or because I´m not getting along with my companion or something like that. It´s because I literally have not slept one single minute since Tuesday night. Yes I know how dangerous that can be and I have let President know, so he is officially aware. He is looking into things to see what he can do to get me help. I am not sleepy at all, but I have definately seen a decline in energy, health, appettite and all the fun stuff that keeps people alive. Other than that, the week has been pretty stinkin solid. We have found quite a few investigators and families that are excited for us to pass by. One family, every time they see us, always remind us when our next appointment is jaja! Unfortunately, the investigators that we do have all went out of town for Día del Niño, so no investigators in church again....

Something really funny, a few of our investigators are a bunch of drunk guys that contacted us on the street the other day. For whatever reason, the drunk people take more kindly to the Elders because we´re nice and don´t chastise them for their wrongdoings and being drunk jaja. They enjoy listening to why some giant white guy is in mexico talking about god instead of in the United States with a hot wife and going to school (literally they asked).

My knee is doing alot better. I guess constantly running up and down the freaking mountain has actually strengthened it for the better. I have to say, I hate hills. I will never live on one. If I do, it´ll be a huge stinkin house and I´ll have a helicopter fly me up to the top. I never EVER want to live on a mountain! I have had some luck with shoes lately. The only Elder taller than me in this mission just went home, and left me a pair of his old shoes, but made me promise I would send them back to him once I got more shoes and had my other ones repaired! So I was lucky in that :)

We had interviews this past week with President. He apologized for moving me, but told me that he had somewhat of another special assignment for me. He said not just anyone can start up a brand new area and baptize, and thinks that I can do it. He also said that my companion, Elder Cervantes, still lacked alot of what he needs to know, that the other missionaries had taught him nothing new. Basically I´m the missionary who is supposed to save him before he learns bad habits and turns into a dead missionary. I feel honored but kinda wish I would just have a normal companion jaja! I figure though in like another week or so there will be no problem, because he will have learned from me, and will be my Mini Me! jajaj!

Anyways, I don´t have any new pictures this week. I really didn´t have time to take any. But I promise to take some this week, and hopefully some more videos for you all!


Elder Scott Donner

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