Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carry On...Carrry On...Carry on....

Hello Family,
So this week was really rough. Thanks to my insomnia, which btw has not changed much, I have been kinda up and down on the health. It has made it super hard to work some days, but it doesn´t matter because I refuse not to work. The headaches have gotten better, but I´m pretty sure because of the lack of sleep I have, they have not withdrawn themselves altogether.
Anyways, this week was ok with the investigators. I think we finally might baptize this week. One of our investigators, Daniel, told us this week that he thinks he´s gonna become Mormon, and we were just kinda like o really now? You know thats why were here right? He didn´t know that missionaries were allowed to baptize. He´s a really cool kid. He asked us to fill out a bunch of passalong cards with our names and number. Then he took them and handed them out to people he knows and was like call them, they´re awesome! We´re kinda excited to that because he wants to know at what age he can become a missionary.
We want to baptize him this Saturday, so we will see what happens.
We had investigators at church this sunday, so we got to stay.
Actually it was the stake conference here, so we had to stay because President Tervort had to speak along with his wife jaja! But it was nice because we were one of 2 companionships that had investigators at the church.
So we got to listen to Elder Oaks talk today in the morning. Yes, I GOT TO SHAKE HIS HAND! We also listened to Elder Rasband of the presidency of the 70. He gave a really cool conference talk a while back about assigning missionaries to their missions. Read it, its awesome. I don´t have my notes from the conference with me right now, so I will send you information on it next week.
I am attaching a video. I took alot this week and will send them next week. But here is one of them :)
Elder Scott Donner

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