Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Phone Call


That was a great talk on the phone yesterday. As I´m sure you realized, it kinda takes me a bit now to be able to say some things in English now jaja! Fortunately, I don´t have to pay anything when I go to the doctor here in the mission. It is actually the doctor in the MTC so he does it for free and is paid by the church. I pay whatever for medications he suggests, but the church reimburses me for them, so it is kinda nice.

The doctor actually suggested that I take a higher dosage of melatonin for one week straight and then call him in a week to give him the results. If nothing has changed, he is going to call in medication from Salt Lake that is more effective. He doesn´t know why I have insomnia either, but he said he is just going to start with the basics to try and help me.

As for the stomach problems, he said that is normal and that the headaches I get are from not sleeping.

Anyways, theres really not that much to say now that we´ve talked. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Elder Scott Donner

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