Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Appointment


So I have to say this wasn´t such a lovely week for us. It was actually one of the hardest weeks in the mission for me. We worked our butts off this week, only to have very little success and now it is not possible for us to baptize this transfer. We had a goal of six, and we´re ending up with zero. Its kinda embarrassing, but I talked to Elder Moss, my old companion, and he hasn´t baptized at all this transfer either, and they had a goal of 11. For basically the same reasons too! None of our investigators come to church! We met this really solid guy this week, Guillermo, he said he wasn´t going to open the door when we knocked, but something told him that he had better do so. So he let us in, and then told us that he had been up since 4:00 that morning because he felt like something important was going to happen that day, and felt that us showing up was that something important. But when we passed by to bring him to church, his mom answered the door and said he got called into work on an emergency. Nobody showed up to church again, except for one person.

One of the benefits though, after church, we went to the houses of all of our investigators that promised to go, and gave them the drop talk. They all apologized and promised to do whatever to be able to at least come for one hour. This will be good, because that at least guarantees us for the minimun 15 baptisms this next transfer (which starts next Monday BTW). I guess that could be something exciting, but it still kinda bums me out because I didn´t meet my goal this transfer. I´m sure President will be pretty bummed too. Not to worry though, because if I DO baptize those 15 people next transfer, he won´t be so upset jaja!

Anyways, one of our investigators, Alfonso, told us stories yesterday about him hopping the border into Arizona. I can tell you what, after hearing that story, I will never judge again the Mexicans that hop the border for work. Mostly its just men who hop the border to come and work for a year so they can earn money for their families and return to Mexico. Some of the things that he told me that happened, I will not repeat, but it made me want to cry for him. He is a really solid guy though, and he really struggles with his wife right now. How funny is it that we take advantage of the fact that our families so united with the gospel in our homes. Its wonderful that I was able to tell him that he needs what we have brought to him as missionaries.

Haven´t received your package or letters yet, Mom.

And I´m sleeping again!!!!!! Mexico has some crazy cold medicine, let me tell ya...

Anyways, I will be sending you videos to tell the rest of my story jaja!

Elder Donner

In the beginning...



No adults home...appointment rescheduled.

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