Monday, April 25, 2011

Climb Every Mountain...

Hola Familia!

So this week was pretty freaking nuts! Easter is not a holiday here. Its a "holiweek". Its a week called the Semana Santa or Holy Week. They remember the whole week in memory of the "death" of Christ! How horrible is that! On Saturday they do a reinactment of the crucifixion of Christ. It is absolutely horrible! And its tradition to soak anyone you know who is walking down the street! So everyone we met this week decided to soak us... it was wonderful walking down the street completely soaked. Especially because now nobody wanted to let us in their houses! The week was really good though. We started out with absolutely nobody because the other elders did not want to pass on the investigators they have in our area. Everything is all good though because we found 16 new investigators.

A little frustrating because we were so busy looking, we forgot to invite people to church.... and the rule is if you don´t have investigators at church, you leave right after you take the sacrement.... how embarrassing is that.... being the new missionaries and having to leave because we didn´t have investigators there. So we really didn´t even have the chance to meet any of the members nor do we even know who our ward mission leader is. Doesn´t matter though. We are just going to work on baptizing a ton of people, that way we don´t have to worry about it.

So the hill.... ya I´ve pretty much destroyed my knee already on the hills. Theres nothing I can do about it because I told President that I would work this whole transfer to baptize. I will mention to him that I have problems with my knee, but I won´t let him move me after all the hard work we did this past week.

It´s interesting because we aren´t allowed to do our laundry at the houses of members anymore, so now we are washing laundry in the lavadero, or sink made for washing laundry by hand! Fun stuff huh! Not complaing though! I can say now that I´ve been there and done that, so no one can pull that "when I was your age, blah blah blah....".

Anyways, now for pictures.

The first is literally only a third of our area. It doesn´t look steap until you try walking up it and you realize you are slowly sliding down the mountain jaja!

Second. We were being a little dramatic. But it is seriously a lot easy to crawl on all 4´s up some of these streets.

Third. I´m now down a shoe. So I really only have 3 shoes left jaja!

Fourth. A look at our new apartment...jaja!

I love you all!
Elder Scott Donner

Kids sliding down hill on water bottles.

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