Tuesday, April 12, 2011


These pictures actually came from the Mission President's blog which is maintained by one of the his daughters. She visited the mission this past week. These were taken on Sunday. This is what she had to say:

"Sunday evening we had the opportunity to meet the zone of Industrial at the temple and tour the visitor center with 20 of their investigators. That was awesome!! I wanted to take pictures, but the spirit was so strong so I decided to not pull away from the spirit. One of the investigators was a family of four that the missionaries had met 4 hours before the tour. As the sister missionary was showing them all the different languages the Book of Mormon was translated in, this sweet woman raised her hand and said, "what is that book?" The sister missionary told this lady that the missionaries would come to her home and teach her all about it. At the end, they showed the movie "On The Way Home." It was neat to see missionary work happening right before my eyes. After the tour, we went back to a church and witnessed the baptism of eight wonderful people. It was amazing!!"

"After the baptism, we were able to meet the Zone of Industrial. My dad spent a minute talking to all the missionaires and telling them what a good job they are doing and giving them some instruction. What a fun day!"

Scott's email....


So this past week was awesome and not jaja. We had 3 baptisms out of all the baptisms our zone had. It was really cool. We went to he visitors center before and we invited a family of four that we had met a couple of hours before (yes they were the ones talked about in the mission blog). We are going to work on baptizing them this weekend. Also the grandparents of some members want to be baptized too. So we are going to hopefully have a lot of success this month.

The bad news is president called us this morning and basically let us know that our bishop asked him to leave us together, but we are receiving 15 new missionaries and won't receive more for a year. Elder Moss really wants a kid and also stay with me. We are hoping that president will just give us a gay kid (put the new missionary in a trio with us). We will see though.

I don't anything about the new area except that it will be called Sureste. We know some of the missionaries that will be taken from our mission but still not all.

Sorry I didn't write much this week. :P


Elder Scott

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