Monday, December 27, 2010

Loving Mexico


I am so excited to be writing you! Mexico is nuts and i'm finally on a computer where i am able to send pictures!!!! woo hoo!!! But heres a downer.... its an apple imac.... awwwww..... haha! Anyways, I'm going to tell you a little bit about what we did on Christmas. So in Mexico, the "cenar" or eat dinner at like 9:00 at night. Thats EARLY to them! So we went over to the Montanez family's house. This happens to be a family that has only three girls. Fun stuff. It was good though. They fed us a ton of food from 8:30 (WAY EARLY) to about 10:45 at night. It was really nice. I didn't eat anything strange, because the Montanez family seems to think that its funny to only cook me American food when I come over. So we ate spaghetti and BBQ ribs. Still, it was really delicious! Christmas day was really fun too! We had to arrive at the stake center that the whole mission was meeting at (the one where we took our picture), at 11:00 in the morning. That meant that we had to be on the bus by 9:00 because it was any hour trip to the subway and an hour ride almost to the stake center. So we arrived like ten minutes early, and it was really nice, because for the first time since September, I finally got to see everyone from my MTC district. The first thing we did was watch "How to Train Your Dragon" (como a entrenar a tu dragon) in english with spanish subtitles. Then we ate lunch: pizza, ham sandwiches (real ham), and lots of other food. Directly after that, we had a christmas devotional about an hour. That was really nice. Of course it was all in spanish, but I had no problem understanding. Then we spent 30-45 minutes trying to fit 120 something odd missionaries into one picture. After the picture, we watched Toy Story 3 (sorry no cool spanish translation for this one) in spanish, with english subtitles. After that it was about 5:00, and we all started to return home. This weekend was really big and really fun. Not much more happened than that. We have one person on date for the 2nd. We are still struggling to find more investigators, but we are working on getting the members involved to help us find more.

Picture time :)

First picture is me and my companion Elder Franco :D

Next picture is of me as a transformer for a little bit :)

Love ya!

Elder Scott Donner

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