Friday, December 17, 2010

Phone Call

So many thoughts ran through my (mom) head when we found out that Scott had received his Visa to Mexico and that he would be calling before he left the States. Knowing that his flight would leave Salt Lake City at 7:20am and layover here in Phoenix, the whole family was up at 5am waiting for "the phone call". By 7am we knew we were not going to receive "the phone call" until he reached Sky Harbor Airport. Cody and the twins had finals in school and were unable to wait longer.:-( Knowing that he would have a layover at Sky Harbor Airport and with the help of my sister Lorene, we rushed to the airport. We were waiting by the gates at the security check point when "the phone call" came. No...we didn't see him, but it was so good to hear his voice! And we were so close! He has such a love for the Latin culture and is excited for the tacos! His Spanish is very good, but he knows the people will speak faster in Mexico. It was a very short phone call, but completely wonderful and we can't wait for his Christmas day phone call!

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