Monday, December 20, 2010

Mexico City


Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that I am in Mexico!!!!!!! It is so sureal to be here!!!!! Anyways I'll start from the beginning of the journey here :) So the plane landed here in Mexico. I know! Crazy right? First thing goes wrong! They saw something in the Xray-baggage-thingy in one of my bags that they didn't like. So what do they do?? They pull me aside and search through ALL of my bags looking for some type of bottle (because appparently bottles are very dangerous here in Mexico). I kept telling the security guy that the only bottles of anything that I had in the bags were my shampoo and my hand sanitizer. He didn't believe me I guess, so he had the security lady keep searching my bags while he went to look for something else.
As soon as he left, the security lady told me to put my things back and QUICKLY leave so I wouldn't be seen. I did just that jaja!!!!
Everything was okay after that. No problems! So we started driving to the misson presidents house with the APs. BTW! The traffic here is so freakin nuts!!! I will never complain in any kind of traffic in the US EVER again. Its basically a game of lets see who can weave in and out of traffic the fastest. I'm surprised nobody crashes to be honest.
And here, its the bigger faster car always wins. There are no rules to traffic. The police just pull over who ever has the nicest looking car, because that means they must have money if its a nice car. The police definately have trucks with 5 or 6 mounted machine guns in the bed that they drive around in the city. One slip and 6 people are toast (yes I watched that happen from a bus). Also ambulances only come to save you if you have the money to pay for the hospital. Crazy right. Where I am serving right now is one of the suburbs of Mexico City (which is still part of the stinkin city, they just CALL it a
suburb) I'm in the State of Mexico. My zone is the Villa de las Flores and I am serving in the Real del Bosque barrio (which happens to be on a stinkin mountain haha). Anyways this area is pretty much nuts. Cool thing though, I live in the most brand new apartment in all the mission. We have three peacocks that live on our balcony jaja! So great! Our bathroom is outside, downstairs from our apartment. We use a gas powered boiler to shower. BTW funny story.
This morning the lady who we are renting the apartment from was teaching me how to turn on the boiler with a lighter. Apparently I did in wrong, so a blue flame shot out of the boiler (which I was looking into) and scorched my eyebrows, eyelashes, and some of the right side of my hair. Thank goodness though, it still all looks good :P. Anyways, my trainors name is Elder Franco. Guess where he's from mom? Milagro, Ecuador! Ya I thought you'd like that :) He doesn't speak a lick of english, which I am grateful for. I was the only one whose companion doesn't speak any English. We have both been out the same amount of time, which is really neat. He is a District Leader already, because he correctly uses the ways in which we are taught to teach our lessons here in this mission. Such a funny missionary.
We've agreed to teach other english and spanish, because he thinks it would be cool to visit after the mission. We are in an area that was white washed, so we are both new here. We have no investigators currently haha!!! BTW, THIS MISSION IS HUGE AND I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS!!! My area is 5 times the size of the one I was in in Utah. We walk, take taxis, buses, or vans jaja! Usually we try to walk though to become familiar with the area. It's ridiculous all the stuff that's sold on the streets. I won't even mention some.... but I can buy pretty much any movie for $10 pesos (the equivilant of like $1 american dollar). I'm loving being here! I am so excited to call this FRIDAY! THATS RIGHT I AM CALLING FRIDAY EVENING AT AROUND 6:00.
Reason being is because most hispanic families are together on Christmas Eve, so Elder Franco has to call that night too. What would be better though, is if you bought an international call card so I can call you from a members house or the cell phone (which we get today
:P) and then you can call me back on the number I give you.

I Love you all!!!!

Elder Scott Donner

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