Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving News

Sorry last week was really nuts and there was no way to tell anyone that I was going to be emailing on Wednesday. And they changed Pday to Thursday this week. UGH! But everything is all good. I have decided that the snow is only fun when you drive to hours to play in it for the day, not to live, eat, sleep, walk, breath snow.
The baptism was really nice this past weekend. Unfortunately Eduardo could not get baptized because he was in Washington state and they closed down the freeways so he couldn't get home. Funny thing again, we won't be baptizing him this weekend either because he moved out of our area, so now he is another Elders' responsibility! How frustrating, all that working with him and now I can't count it as my baptism :P Thats ok with me though, I'm just glad he is still getting baptized!

Thanksgiving was really neat. Unfortunately, like the moron that I am, I did not take any pictures because I forgot to bring my camera sooooo ya :/ The Smith's have a really interesting Thanksgiving though. They have some of the traditional foods like turkey, ham, yams, and mashed potatos, but everything else they pretty much just make their favorite foods and bring that jaja! I think I might start doing that :P It was really nice though, and Mom, thank you so much for the socks and cereal and M&m's! I ate the whole bag the next day jaja! They were really excited to see what I got! Although, I cannot believe that you would send me a Xmas present and tell me not to open it and expect me to have that strength jaja!

There's not alot going on with investigators. Sara, who I told you about last week, her husband Mosiah, who happens to be a member, his baptismal records got lost. So now we will probably get to baptize him and count it as another baptism. Sara is really excited for that, because she can be baptized with her husband. We also met another family from Arizona who just moved here. Come to find out, they only lived a block away from us! HOW WEIRD! So we have alot in common. We ran into this family when she was trying to carry something heavy in from the car, which was really cool.

This past week has been amazing for Spanish for me. If you didn't know, I have a really hard time understanding what others are saying in spanish, but I can talk alot of it. Alot of prayer and alot of focusing on just listening to every little thing being said to me has really helped me out. I think alot of the problem comes from the fact that with certain missionaries, they talk and don't allow me to say anything, so I have fallen into the very sinful habit of not listening to what their saying at times (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!). Recently though, since I have been focusing on that, it has been great, and the Lord has really blessed me. Now I pray specifically for the gift of interpretation of tongues.

Exercises..... ya.... its really hard to do them in the morning sometimes haha, but I always make sure I stretch. I think this whole daylight savings junk has thrown off my sleep again so its been interesting this transfer.

Haven't had the chance to go see the temple lights yet, BUT, we are going this Sunday, so I will be sure to take and send pictures :D

There is currently 1 girl writing me. She is the sister of one of the missionaries who is headed to Mexico City Northwest as well. She doesn't write that often either. I am still waiting for my to have some girls from the Stake to write me :)

Pictures. The first one is of Jose Emilio and Maribel, who just got married and baptized. Also in the picture is Rosanelli :)

Second picture is the deadly icicle that tried to kill us :P

I will be sure to take more pictures this next week.

I love you all!

Elder Scott Donner

PS They nicknamed me Elder Princess

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