Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perhaps a Visa in 2 Weeks

Once again Hello familia :)

Well I will start with the good news that I do have. One of the elders who was in my zone in the MTC, Elder Moss, called the MTC and the Consolate last p-day to find out the status of our visas. I should be receiving my visa within the next 1 or 2 weeks, according to what they told him. One of the elders in my district here in the field received his visa yesterday and will be leaving on Monday, so I have hope :D

Transfers are next Wednesday, on the 15th. I get the feeling that I will be staying put because of the fact that we are starting to receive visas now, so it would be pointless to transfer me. Plus it would be super cool to be here for Christmas and also be cool to get sent to Mexico! Jaja I think I'm asking for too much :P

Our investigators are doing super awesome. Alan, who we had been teaching a while back, like in the beginning of October, is finally getting baptized. His dad would not let him, but finally they came to a compromise. He can get baptized as long as he doesn't go on his mission. Apparently he's tired of how good the missionaries are at doing what they do jaja! Just my opinion... But anyways Alan is only 14 so he will have 5 years to change his dad's mind, so no biggy :P Also Sara and Mosiah are doing awesome. Mosiah expressed how much he loves us and he expects us to stay in touch and come and visit him after the mission. Absolutely I will. They have been one of my favorite families to teach. Yasmin, who has kinda been low radar the whole time we've been teaching her, is supposed to be baptized this week. She accepted but we are unsure about it. She has dawged us every day this week, so we are praying super hard for her. Her daughter really wants to be baptized though.

We are going to be baptizing a man named Carlos soon too. He has been going to church for almost 2 years, but he is living with his girlfriend, and can't get divorced from his wife because he doesn't know where she lives. He finally got down to the legal way of doing so, and soon he will be able to be baptized. So far, we have 5 baptisms scheduled for this month and about 10 potential baptisms sometime in the near future.

Mom, I did get my package, and yes I opened my Christmas present right when I got the package. I know, I'm horrible jaja! It excited me so much though. My companions could not believe how loud that little tiny speaker can get.

My knees and my sleeping are doing just fine. I find that I have trouble going up and down stairs jaja! I have fallen down a full flight of stairs 3 times so far (I'm going for a record! :D). Other than that though, my health is doing good.

The members of the branch do everything they can to take care of me. One of them told me that I'm a very deceiving person. I asked why and he said its because when I open my mouth, my spanish sounds amazing and I have an accent like I've been speaking it for years, but then I don't understand everything that they say back, they have to take a step back jaja!

I don't really need much here. If I do need anything I will let you know :)

Elder Scott Donner

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