Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi dur,

So my new years celebration was good. We couldn't be out very long because there was a TON of borrachos (drunks). So we had to be careful of where we went because it was really easy to run into trouble. We ate with Obispo (bishop) Valdez and his family. It was really nice. We had something really good, but I don't really remember what is was called jaja!!!! We also played Uno Spin with is family. Lemme tell ya what, its definately different playing games in spanish jaja!!! It was a good night, but we still returned to the apartment on time and got up and worked the next day. It was very normal on Saturday to walk down the street and see borrachos passed out on the street or sidewalk somewhere. We didn't really take any taxis or buses that day but they were kinda all drunk jaja!!!!

Its funny you should ask about Elder Franco. We actually received a phone call today from President Tervort. He had to make a few emergency changes to the mission and move some missionaries around. Elder Franco got moved and now I am with Elder Romney, from Utah. He has less time in the mission than me. I guess I really shouldn't have been talking to the President in spanish on Saturday, cuz now I'm pretty much the big man in this area >.< Also more exciting news.... I will be training this next transfer jaja!!!! No joke, the President told me that me and Elder Romney need to prepare ourselves to be training this next transfer, which is in less than 3 weeks. Oh goody :P Its ok though, I'm definately ready to do it.

As for goals, we are have a goal to baptize 5 this month, but if all goes well, we will baptized all of the investigators that we have, which are 9 :D So hopefully we can reach that goal. Not very much more exciting to talk about this week. I don't have any new pictures either, but next week I'm sure I will have more to write about our fun adventures that we have :P

I love you family!!!

Elder Scott Donner

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