Monday, January 17, 2011

Stuff To Ponder

HI dur family!!!!!

Those this week has been freakin nuts. We have had meetings all week, so most of our time has been spent travelling and out of our area, so we have not been able to work ALMOST AT ALL!!!! Overall this week was super hard, and we really weren't able to find anyone new. We have transfers in a week, and I don't think that I will be staying in this area unfortunately. We had interviews with president this week, and he basically told me that I would be training in a different area. That will be fun, but I will be sad to leave all the members here who I have built a good relationship with. I guess I will live though. Thus the life of a misisonary.

Itzel's baptism was great! Her mom is now on date to be baptized on the 28th of this month. Unfortunately, I don't think that I will be here :( But its still great that she will be baptized. Itzel is going back to Taluca for school, so she will not stay in this ward. Anyways, she was asking us if we knew of any chapels that we close to the college she goes to. We wil have to find out.

We do not have a date for Gabby and Vanessa. It looks like they will probably be dropped. We went to an appointment with them, and they had two boys there, who were makin obnoxious comments the whole time.

We are teaching two new families right now. Neither of them have desires to change religion, but they have much desire to learn about the Church of Jesus. Little do they know, that once they feel the spirit and they know that the spirit only testifies the truth, they'll be TOAST! Baptized for sure jaja!!!

Me and Elder Romney are fine right now. I figured I would just let him do what he wants, because I will not be with him for much longer. We work hard, but he still does not want to learn anything that his trainer did not teach him. Funny, but that is the common problem amongst many new missionaries. They don't understand that their trainer was not always right.

Anywhoo.... I am going to talk about some things that I have learned being here in Mexico so far.

Racist slurs do not exist here. When they call you "guedo" or "gringo", its a friendly term, unlike in the United States.

The people WILL stare at you if you are tall and white.

No matter how much spanish you speak, some places will try and charge you more, just because your white and apparently know NOTHING about money in Mexico.

When borrachos try to rob you, they will try to "drop" the price if you refuse to give them money. If you threaten to rob them, some will actually give you money, because you are a tall white person.

The "f" word does have a spanish equal. DO NOT say words, which meanings you do not know, that other mexican missionaries tell you to say. Just because you hear it said in the United States does NOT mean its Ok to say in Mexico.

Just some fun stuff for everyone to ponder :)

Anyways, I have 4 pictures this week :)

The first is of one of the 100's (yes mom hundreds) of spiders that live in our apartment. I was wondering Dad if you could tell me what kind of spider they are.

The second is of the font filling with water. The elecricity shut off in our chapel so it stopped filling right there. We had to go to a different chapel to baptize Itzel jaja!!

Third is baptism picture. I baptized her.

Forth is a fun picture :P I think I'm hood. I'm holding $3,000 pesos or the equivalent of $250 dollars. Kinda fun :P

I love you all!!!!

Elder Scott Donner

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