Monday, January 10, 2011

Love Referrals!


I am doing great this week. The work is really starting to pick up, and we are receiving more and more referals for families. It is very exciting to get someone new, because I can´t tell you how much I really hate knocking doors. We do it alot in my area because we are kinda in the suburbs, so there isn´t alot of hustle and bustle that goes on out here. To answer Mom´s first question, I really don´t know jaja!!! We find all nine of them pretty much in one day. Alan, we baptized. Itzel, she is on date for this next Saturday or Sunday, we haven´t decided. The Cornejo family (5), we are still teaching them, but they can´t be baptized until they show up to church. Gabby and Vanessa, we are going to put them on date tomorrow for baptism, as long as their mom doesn´t throw a fit, because she believes heavily in Virgin Guadalupe (which is totally ridiculous because like 60% of the people here that believe in the Virgin know absolutely nothing about her).

So I have to tell you something funny that happened last night. We were on our way home from a meeting and we ended up taking the wrong bus (because my companion flags down every bus that drives by, and I feel bad because they have already stopped). The bus took us somewhat in the direction that we needed to go, so we just got off when it started going down a different street. As soon as we get off, this borracho (yes theres alot here, the drinking age is 12 here) approaches us and tells us, "Soy mormon, pero mi Padre Celestial me dijo cuando estaba preparando que no podria ir a la mision." Interesting enough already, he tries to go and buy us coffee, then coke, then beer, then hamburgers, then tacos, etc. Another man had approached us by then and had wanted to talk to us, so the borracho left us to go buy us something while we were distracted. This man said that he had seen us alot and had wanted to talk to us because he knew we were missionaries. Turns out the mafia killed his son 5 months ago, and he was wondering why God let that happen and if he would ever see his son again. All the other churches told him that his son was a sinner or that he wouldn´t see his son again. We ended up leaving him with a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation, and told that him that God had put us in his path, and that we could answer his questions that he had. We will be teaching him this Saturday. After the man left, the borracho had returned with some tacos for us jaja!!!! He gave us is phone number and wants us to call him so we can come over and help him clean up his act. He also wants us to stop in at the bar that he works at for a drink jaja!!!!! Now I know that at times, God uses borrachos to do his work jajaja!!!!!
1st is Alan and his family and us :) I baptized him.

2nd is me and Alan.

3rd is me and Alan again :P

4th is me and Totis!!!!! Its really popular here. :D

Anyways, I haven´t received the packages yet, but I´m hoping to in a couple of weeks :)
I love you all.

Elder Scott Donner

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