Monday, January 24, 2011


Hola Familia,

I´m going to say right away that this email will not be one of the more happier ones that I have sent. Transfers actually happened this morning, but before I get to that, I will jump back a couple of days.

My old companion got a call on Thursday and was told that he would be training. I however did not get this same phone call. President called me the next day on Friday to ask me to come to the Trainers meeting, because he wanted to meet with me. Clearly I would not be getting my "kid" (missionary I train). Anyways I had an interview about 45 minutes long with President. In this Interview he told me that he had a special task for me. That job is to revive a dead missionary, or in other words, motivate a missionary who no longer has any desire to work.

So now I am with my dead companion in Zona Industrial, the most dangerous zone in all of the mission. Luckily my area is the safest, but we are close to Tepito, the most peligroso (sorry I forgot the word in English) area in all of the mission. President was not kidding. He is DEAD. He only has three months left in the mission, and he just kinda follows the crowd of the rest of the dead missionaries in this area. I´m not sure what I am going to do yet, but I have to figure out something quick, because one slip up and President is going to send him home. I am just super stressed about what to do. But I know that president knows that I can do it. He told me that instead of giving me a kid, he needed me to do this.

To be honest, I did not have a favorite part of last week. My favorite part was the end. Last week was hard, because we dropped basically all of our investigators. Now I am in a NEW area (to me) and have to find people here. I do not have any pictures with me this week, and don´t know that I will have any for the next six weeks, because it´s not a good idea to carry my camara around in this side of town. I have to be really careful about what I am doing.

Because stress has kicked back in, so has my insomnia, so I have not been able to sleep, which can be dangerous here. Because if I fall asleep on a bus or something, this is a target for people to rob me. Exciting no? Anyways, sorry for such a short letter this week. Hopefully I will be able to update you on how everything is going in a week.

Elder Scott Donner

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