Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stairs & Subway's

Dear Family,

Ok, so this week has definately been nuts. Right after my last email that I sent to you last week, my companion told me that he was going home. This TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY BUMMED ME OUT! That would mean that I would have to work with jovenes (youth?). Tuesday we went to the district leaders house so he could leave me with someone so that I would have a companion. Then he proceeded to call Presdient to find out when he was leaving. President starting setting things up, but at the same time called Elder Tadeo´s (my companion) stake president. His stake president called us and talked to Elder Tadeo for 2 hours. I don´t know what was said, but he completely talked him out of everything and now he has the ganas to stay till the end of his mission, and he wants to baptize till the end. He still needs alot of help, but now he refuses to go home. I WAS SO STINKING HAPPY! It is still hard to work with him because he´s finally getting back into the groove of things after being dead for 6 months, but I´m happy. This past week we have really worked hard. President calls me every day to check up on things. I am so grateful for President. He works hard to make sure his missionaries are ok.

Anyways, there is one thing about my area that I absolutely HATE! They are ALL apartments. Were not talking Arizona apartments. We´re talking like New York style apartments. The SMALLEST is 12 floors. UGH! Another thing about it is that you have to press a button to call the apartment so they can open the door but if they´re not there, your not getting in. Also we are not allowed to knock there. The residents get super mad if we do. So we just contact by the subway all day, which runs straight through the middle of our area. BTW(By The Way), I lied. I said that I didn´t have Tepito in my area. Tepito is like 1/3 of my area. We have lots of referrals for there too.... jaja!!! Fun right? There are literally dead people laying in the street and NO ONE CARES! NOT JOKING! I freaked out when I saw my first dead person! But its completely normal there, and people just set up their tangis (market stands where they sell stuff) around these people because its too much a hastle to move them.... sad right?

Anyways things I learned in Mexico...

It is perfectly normal to pull over and pee on your own car if you can´t hold it.

The bomba is not a type of dance here. It is the electral pump used to pump the hot water out of your boiler.

Drunk people think that the stars are omnis (UFOs).

Chile eating contests with Mexicans are not a good idea. Even if you win, his stomach is stronger than yours, and will spend only 1/50 of the time in the bathroom that you will.

Farting at the table is completely normal..... if your old. If your a missionary they will ask you to be excused until you learn some manners (this happened to the missionary that I went on splits with, who is American as well).


The MonaƱez Family from my old area.

Anyways, I love you all,

Elder Scott Donner

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