Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

First Picture is me eating Tacos del Tripa or in other words tacos of cow intestines :D Lovely no?

Second Picture is what they look like...

Third picture is them cooking and the man cooking...

Hola Familia!

So there really isn´t much to talk about from this last week. It was a pretty normal week except for the fact that my companion was sick on Tuesday. Literally he was in the bathroom all day, so we only went to the appointments we had scheduled. The week was actually a little slow and we didn´t have as much work as we wanted, but thats ok. We have been teaching only a couple of people on a regular basis. The most often, we teach someone named Doris. She is 54 years old and loves to talk and loves the missionaries. She is a very hard person to teach at times, and usually she takes up 2 hours of our time. She loves to change the subject alot too. I don´t know that she does it on purpose, but she is just a very random person. One of our appointments with her, we started up on the subject of death and resurrection, and ended up with talking about her horse with silky hair that she used to have when she lived in Colombia. Yes she is very interesting.

Me and my companion are still working super hard to find promising people and we get along great. He still things about home alot because he is close to that time, but I allow him to, as long as we stay working. He was joking about how if he wanted to move to the states, he would come live with me and maybe marry Brianna or Nicki. It would be a plus because then I would be family and he would be a citizen. I laughed when he thought about it for a sec and then ask how tall they were. I could only laugh, so he decided that it was a bad idea jaja. He is what you would call a chaparrito or a really short person.

Like I said, not much went on this week, so there isn´t much to talk about. Hope everyone has a good week.

Elder Scott Donner

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