Monday, February 21, 2011

It is what it is...

Hola Familia,

To answer your questions mom, no I haven’t received the package or envelope yet :/ But its all good. I have been receiving letters from random members of the ward who I have no idea who they are jaja!

Me and the companion are doing great. We still get along really great and I have asked President if I can spend the rest of the time he has on his mission as his companion. I’m pretty sure he only has the desires to work because I do. It seems like most of the companions that he has had for the past six months before me didn’t really care, so he didn’t either. We work super hard in our area. We were only able to teach 15 lessons last week, which was lower than our goal, but a lot more than most of the missionaries in the zone usually teach. The president has asked that each companionship shoot to teach 20 lessons a week. Our goal as a companionship this past week was 18, so we bumped it up to 20 to make us stretch :)

Lately the people we have been finding only want to meet with us, but don’t want to be baptized. We have 4 investigators right now that come to church, pay tithing, partake of the sacrament, and obey all of the commandments, but don’t want to be baptized. This week our goal with these investigators is to find out their doubts and use the scriptures to pound them out. I think another one of the problems is the members don’t support us. The bishop is trying really hard to get them excited, but they don’t like us for whatever reason. They had ward correlation without us to find out some of their concerns. I guess what most of them said was that we are too serious and we don’t try to build relationships of trust with them or visit any of them. Its interesting because their complaint was, when I first got to this area, was that we were going to their houses to much and we were trying to hard to build relationships of trust with them. Its really interesting, and kind of frustrating. We have a meeting with the bishop this Tuesday to talk about what is going on.

Right now, for personal study, I am reading Jesus the Christ. It is so very interesting, because it literally breaks down every little detail that we know about the life of Christ. Something interesting that I read was that when Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant, before the angel visited him, he was planning on breaking of the "engagement", which back then, breaking an engagement required you to do so through the court. Interesting huh? I thought so. In companionship we review all the chapters in Predicad Mi Evangelio. Right now we are going through and studying all of the attributes of Christ. Very interesting how much we teach each other. It never occurred to me that someone with less time in the mission could teach something new to a companion who is about to go home, but that’s why we are in companionships. President has also asked me to continue to study the language every day. I can’t improve and talk like the chilangos if I don’t practice :P I almost don’t have any problems understanding or speaking anymore. Just when I don’t know what a word is do I have to ask, but I’m blown away by how normal it is for me just to talk. I speak more in spanish now then I do english jaja!

Something sad happened... someone opened up my backpack when we were in a packed subway car and stole my camera :( So unfortunately I will not be sending pictures today either. But no worries because I do have all of the pictures backed up on a usb. So I will see what I can do about sending the pictures. I did lose a few, because I did not back up the ones from these past 2 weeks. I will be purchasing a new camera. There is a place close to here that sells used cameras dirt cheap and have a three month guarantee for repairs.

Anyways, that’s all I have from this week. I’m not sure what I would want to know from home... jaja! I guess just keep me updated on the norm and anything cool or interesting that happens.

Love to everyone!

Elder Scott Donner

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